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Controlling anger can be difficult when you’re in the heat of the moment; that’s why self-hypnosis is an excellent tool to help you stay centred when conflict arises.

Most people with anger problems learn to suppress their emotions from early childhood. Negative beliefs about emotions come into play, and they never really learn to deal with conflict in a constructive way. This leads to avoidance, which never works in the long-term.

What You Resist Persists

When we deny, repress or push away negative emotions, they don’t actually go away; they get stronger. If, instead of looking at anger as a ‘bad’ emotion that you have to avoid, you could embrace it, then half the battle would be won.

The feeling of anger itself isn’t the problem; it’s the way you react to it that causes pain and suffering.

If you have a tendency to let your anger run the show, this recording will help you find much more useful ways to communicate your feelings, in a way that actually gets you heard.

This Hypnosis Recording Will Help You:

  • Stop getting hooked by anger, take a step back and choose an appropriate response;
  • Stop trying to control what is outside of your control;
  • Express yourself in a logical and respectful way, regardless of the way you are feeling inside;
  • Set boundaries and speak up when needed so you don’t need to repress feelings of irritation or anger


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