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Most people think happiness comes from seeking pleasure and avoiding pain; yet this is a sure fire way to perpetuate unhappiness.

This is because when you need life to be a certain way in order to be happy, you have no power. Circumstances can’t be controlled, so with this outlook you’re always at the mercy of change.

You may think your life would be perfect ‘if only’ you could land that dream job or be financially independent or find the perfect partner; but you’d be wrong.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting these things; it’s just that they won’t give you the sense of peace you’re looking for.

Inner Peace Doesn’t Come From Getting What You Want

Even if everything you ever wanted landed on your doorstep right now it still wouldn’t bring lasting happiness.

There’s only a limited amount of joy we can get from achieving our goals and dreams, and once the initial euphoria wears off, we tend to go back to our original happiness set point.

But what if you could change your happiness set-point so you could be happy regardless? This is absolutely possible with hypnosis.

This Hypnotherapy MP3 Recording Will Help You:

  • Pay attention to the things in your life that are working, and in doing so, attract more good things;
  • Stop worrying about the future and getting stuck in past regrets;
  • Enjoy more peace, freedom and inner contentment;
  • Be happy regardless of your outer circumstances


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