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    Getting over the break up of a marriage or relationship is extremely painful, especially if you still love your ex-partner. Some people feel so despondent that they think they will never find happiness again.

    Losing a relationship causes us to go into a grieving process, just as if someone had died.

    Unfinished business and lack of closure can cause us to go into a cycle of regret, depression and loneliness so strong that we feel unable to break free.

    Trying To Forget Only Makes You remember Even More

    Unpleasant as the pain may be, you won’t feel this way forever. In the meantime, don’t try to ‘forget’ about your ex. It’s futile and impossible anyway. Instead, the key is to deal with the painful emotions in a healthy and productive way.

    Listening to this hypnosis recording will help you move through your pain and confusion in a gentle and encouraging way so that you don’t repress your emotions but you’re not consumed by them either.

    If you feel unable to accept a break-up, feel obsessed with your ex or believe you can’t be happy unless you reconcile with your ex, this recording will get you through the tough times.

    This MP3 Will Help You:

    • Soothe yourself during the healing process;
    • Stop obsessing over your ex;
    • Find new ways to move on with dignity;
    • Be at peace with what is and eager for what the future holds

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