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    Losing weight is often the hardest thing for most people to do, because they sabotage themselves over and over again.

    Part of the problem is with body image; when you hate the way your body looks, it’s hard to get motivated to eat healthy foods and exercise.

    You Get What You Focus On

    When you say ‘I hate my fat stomach, I hate my muffin top, I hate my backside’, your subconscious mind doesn’t pay attention to what you really mean.

    It simply reflects back to you, everything you choose to focus on; so that all these things you don’t want end up being more prominent in your experience.

    Your subconscious always gives you what you ask for, without fail. It’s just that you haven’t been aware until now that you’ve been ‘asking’ for the wrong stuff. So why not ask for what you actually want?

    If you want to become more positive about your body and lose weight at the same time, hypnosis a great way to remove the old beliefs that perpetuate your negative behaviour.

    This MP3 Will Help You:

    • Focus on the way you want your body to look and feel;
    • Stop beating yourself up and make friends with your body;
    • Feel motivated to nourish your body with healthy foods;
    • Feel confident in your ability to reach and maintain a comfortable, healthy weight.

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