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Fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias I treat, because most people would rather die than stand up in front of a group of people and be the centre of attention.

The reason we get our knickers in a knot over this, is because from an evolutionary perspective, we have a deeply conditioned primal need to belong; this usually entails avoiding rejection like the plague.

Rejection Hurts…Badly.

Since the dawn of time the human species has needed to belong, and for our ancestors, belonging to a group was essential for their survival. Public speaking puts you right in the hot seat and leaves you wide open to the vulnerability of potential rejection.

What this means is that even though there is no imminent threat when you stand up in front of a group, the sweaty palms and intense uneasiness lead us to believe that we are under threat…so we stutter and stammer and go blank.

The good news is…..all of these inflated fear responses are happening at a subconscious level, and they can be changed!

You can reprogram your mind to feel excited and ready to speak in public instead of feeling terrified or overwhelmed.

This Self-Hypnosis MP3 Will Help You:

  • Trust yourself to communicate effectively in public no matter how you’re feeling inside;
  • Feel confident and relaxed in the knowledge that you have prepared your material and your best is always good enough;
  • Shift your focus away from yourself and concentrate on what you’re sharing with the group;
  • Enjoy the feeling of presenting in front of large or small groups


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