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If you want to quit smoking, self-hypnosis is an ideal tool to help you kick the habit. Before you quit, you should work out which kind of smoker you are.

For example: many people smoke when they’re stress, anxious, bored or upset. If that’s you, it means you’re an ‘anxiety smoker’. Anxiety smokers often crave cigarettes in response to underlying/unresolved anxiety.

This doesn’t mean you can’t quit; just that it may be helpful to you to listen to the recording in conjunction with other recordings that help you release neagtive emotions.

A Multi-Factorial Approach is Required

When people, smoke, they’re often driven by triggers, which evoke a strong desire for a cigarette. For example, you may find yourself craving a cigarette as soon as you wake up in the morning, or with your first coffee of the day.

As well as triggers, most ‘anxiety smokers’ deal with stress and other unpleasant emotions by lighting up. Quitting cigarettes forever requires you to re-visit the way you handle day to

Fortunately, this recording covers all bases, so you can manage stress and quit smoking at the same time.

The Quit Smoking Hypnosis MP3 Will Help You:

  • Have confidence to stick to your decision to be a non-smoker;
  • Artfully dodge even the most persistent cravings;
  • Get rid of any and all subconscious triggers to smoking;
  • Become a non-smoker for the rest of your life


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