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This hypnosis download is an excellent tool for you if you tend to over think things, worry a lot or struggle with an impending feeling of doom.

Anxiety can be all consuming for many people, and often unwanted thoughts bombard us to strongly that we don’t even know what’s causing the sense of agitation and restlessness that plagues us.

Sometimes worrying is a habit that was created a long time ago; but often, it’s exacerbated by negative beliefs in the subconscious mind.

How To Turn The Brain’s Negativity Bias Around

Our brain’s limbic system is hard wired to seek out, perpetuate and prepare for negative experiences. This means that almost 80% of our worry and stress is unfounded.

In other words, even though we don’t need to worry so much – we do it anyway!

So, if we’re programmed this way, are we destined to be a slave to our anxiety? No, we’re not. By training our minds to focus on positive experiences more of the time, we actually re-wire our brains and in doing so, we become resilient to fear.

This Hypnosis Recording Will Assist You To:

  • Recognise when you’re getting caught up in needless worry and break the cycle;
  • Expect the best instead of always imagining worst case scenario;
  • Trust in your ability to handle any challenges in a powerful and positive way;
  • Become a calm, confident and relaxed person


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