Anxiety Hypnosis Melbourne


Anxiety hypnosis Melbourne practitioners know that in order to manage your fears in a powerful and effective way, you need to get under the hood where the subconscious beliefs lie.

Here’s something you may not know: our brains are hardwired to look for what is wrong. This stems back from a long time ago, when a heightened fear response was essential to our survival as a species.

What that means is, 80% of what we worry about won’t eventuate. That’s a lot of unnecessary negative energy to be carrying around!

Fortunately, the problem isn’t so much with the nervousness and worrying itself but with the way you relate to it; and you can definitely do something about that – with the help of a professional consulting hypnotherapist in Melbourne.


How Hypnosis For Anxiety Works


Anxiety Is Not The Problem.

Just because a feeling of impending doom arises in you, it doesn’t mean you have to be defined by it. I have taught many of my clients who found themselves paralyzed by worry strategies to help them stop doing this; and I can teach you too.

Anxiety itself isn’t the problem. In fact a feeling of anxiety only has about a 90 second shelf life.

But it’s the subsequent train of terrifying thoughts, feelings, stories and fear-fantasies that perpetuate this initial feeling and make it last much longer. You can break free from the trance of fear using the tried and true hypnosis for stress and mindfulness techniques that are part of my program.

Situational Anxiety

Broadly speaking there will be one of two causes for your feelings of uneasiness and worry. If your anxiety is situational, this means that there are situations, circumstances or people that are contributing to your feelings.

Cheryl’s testimonial in this video is a perfect example of how a person who is experiencing situational anxiety can turn their life around with the help of hypnotherapy.

For example, if over the past few months a close family member has been seriously ill and as a result your sleep is disturbed, you feel agitated and distressed on a regular basis, this would be described as situational.

I can help you work through your situational anxiety and teach you tools that will alleviate the feelings generated by these situations so that no matter what happens, you can cope and eventually, thrive.


Organic Anxiety

What causes organic anxiety

When I use this term I’m describing any kind of fretfulness that comes out of the blue for no reason. This can be caused by a number of things:

  • Adding, changing or discontinuing psychotropic medications (such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications or sleep aids);
  • Poor or inadequate diet;
  • Hormonal changes;
  • Recreational drug use

Organic anxiety can’t be treated with hypnosis, because a clinical hypnotherapist has no control over your hormones or brain chemistry.


Your Habitual Subconscious Mind Patterns Can Be Changed

Just as you have learnt this fearful way of thinking, you can also un-learn it. A skilled hypnotherapist will diagnose the beliefs and unwanted mind patterns that are keeping you stuck in this state of fear and, with your permission, she can help you eliminate them.

Hypnosis works by accessing the underlying subconscious memories, imprints and patterns that are not working for you and changing them while your mind is in a relaxed, focused and receptive state. Read more about how hypnotherapy works.


When I Work With You I Will Give You:

  • A quick and easy tool that will help you work with your overwhelming feelings instead of against them;
  • A professionally recorded anxiety hypnosis MP3 download designed to help you change unwanted mind patterns;
  • Hypnotherapy that is tailored to your needs – that addresses the specific beliefs that cause your anxiety;
  • An integrated approach to your problem that gets results.

How Brian Got His Life Back

When Brian came to see me his whole life had been turned upside down by a recent separation. He had been left to look after the kids and fend for himself after 23 years of marriage. Not surprisingly he fell in a heap.

Even though he knew his marriage was over, he was finding it hard to move on and every time he thought about his wife it sent him spiralling into overwhelmingly painful feelings of worry, anger and hopelessness. The first thing I did was help Brian heal the hurt and resentment he was carrying so he could move on with his life in a constructive way.

After his first session, Brian was amazed at how much lighter he felt about his situation. I continued to work on his confidence, self-esteem and ability to set boundaries. At the same time I set mini-goals with him; specific activities that would help him get back into the world and establish a life and identity that was separate from the one he had as a married man.

By his fourth session, Brian was feeling calm, confident and ready to take on the world again. He had joined a gym and started eating better and was even looking into social sporting clubs to be a part of.


You Can Turn Your Life Around Too.

If you’ve taken a few hard knocks and your feelings of restlessness and agitation have gone through the roof, you’ve come to the right place.

Anxiety hypnosis Melbourne can help you unpack the baggage, put it where it needs to go and take the next step to creating a happy and healthy future. Get in touch via my contact page if you would like to book an appointment.