A hypnotherapy expert in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne is hard to find. Sure, you’ll find a lot of ‘average’ practitioners in this area; but are they really qualified to solve your specific problem? That remains to be seen. Before you continue with your research, consider the two most essential elements your therapist must have if she is going to be of any use to you:
  1. A government accredited qualification
  2. Plenty of experience
If you ask most hypnotherapy practitioners how long they have been practising, many will give you a number of years as the answer. One clarification you need to make when you ask this question is: ‘Is hypnotherapy your primary job?’  

Part Time Means Less Experience

What to look for in a hypnotherapist Your potential therapist may have been practising for a number of years; but as a side earner or full time? Many practitioners find they can’t make a decent living from hypnotherapy, so they only practise on weekends or one day a week. The rest of their time is spent at their ‘day job’. Not so with me. I have owned and run a successful full-time hypnosis practice for over twelve years; and hypnosis is the only thing I do. This means I have had the privilege of treating literally thousands of clients for a myriad of problems, issues and symptoms over many years. Sure, I work with my clients on all the standard issues such as weight loss and smoking cessation; but you’d be amazed at all the subtle issues and problems I treat that you may never have even heard of. For example, did you know that hypnosis is incredibly effective in helping you get over a past relationship? Because I have worked with so many different clients, I have experienced pretty much everything you can think of in terms of symptoms and problems. It’s simply a question of numbers; the more people your therapist has helped, the more likely she will be able to help you.  

Too Far Away?

Most people don’t want to travel further than 15 minutes from their home to see a therapist. I get that. But we’re not talking about getting a manicure here. When it comes to your mind, you want to be really sure you’re getting the highest quality service from the right person. If you live in Kew, or even as far out as Hampton, initially you may think you don’t not want to travel ‘all the way’ to Bayswater; but for your own peace of mind you may need to consider going the extra mile. Nowadays, with fears about COVID-19, many people are asking me if I do remote sessions; and I do. You may find it interesting that there is no difference in efficacy between hypnosis that is performed face to face and hypnosis that is performed via video/internet. Still, some people prefer the face to face experience and I understand that; just know that if time or travel is a factor, you don’t have to miss out. This page explains how remote hypnosis works. Hypnotherapy as a modality is not regulated. This leaves you, the consumer, wide open to charlatans and ill-educated wannabe practitioners who at best, will be ineffective in solving your issue. At worst? Who knows? You can’t put a price (or a time limit) on your health. It’s actually quite easy to hypnotize a person; that skill can be learnt in a weekend course. What can’t be taught in a couple of days is the intuition, knowledge and professionalism required to solve your problem for good in a safe, effective manner. So the next time you’re searching for a hypnotist, you may consider travelling a bit further out in order to work with the best person for the job. You will save yourself a lot of time and money by taking this approach. Hypnotherapy in the Eastern suburbs is readily available to you. Be sure to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to select the right therapist for you.