If you’re wondering ‘how much does it cost to get hypnotized to lose weight‘ then chances are you’ve been struggling with yo-yo dieting for a long time.

In fact many of my clients confess that for them, hypnosis is a last resort; a final ditch effort to solve the headspace problem that robs them of their health and happiness.

Without fail, the most popular questions asked about the process are centred around pricing. After all we’re all busy, hard-working people and we want to be sure we’re getting value for money.

But with prices to see a hypnotist varying so much, how will you know if you’re being ripped off? I’m always up front about prices for my services, and in some cases, such as with quitting smoking, hypnosis can actually solve the problem in just one session.

Weight loss is the exception, though. I have been practising for over 12 years now and what I’ve discovered after working with thousands of clients is that you’re pretty much wasting your money if you don’t commit to at least 3 sessions.

Cost Vs. Value

If you’re shopping around for the best price there will be pretty much 3 kinds of options you will be presented with:

  • Pay as you go (sessional basis);
  • Set price for a program (includes a set number of sessions);
  • Once only fee

My programs are a set price, with the basic package starting at $660.00. This includes three fifty minute sessions and a professionally recorded hypnosis MP3. I don’t allow clients to pay as they go because I require a commitment from them that they are willing to attend the full three sessions.

In my experience, those who are truly willing to take responsibility for their weight problem have no issue with this fee structure.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Once Only Fee

What to look for in hypnosis programs to lose weight

Some practitioners charge an exorbitant amount (usually in excess of $500.00) for a one session, ‘wham bam thank you man’ quick fix.

Many even claim that in just one session you will be ‘cured’ of your weight problem. Don’t be fooled! In my experience it’s much more complicated than that. Most people who come to see me have been struggling for decades with this problem.

Behaviours such as overeating, secret snacking and binge eating are almost always rooted in low self-esteem, inability to set boundaries and stuffing down negative emotions.

That kind of thing can’t be fixed in just one session. A qualified and ethical practitioner will take a multi-faceted approach to your weight problem that involves treating not just the symptom, but the true root cause of your problem.

More Expensive Is Not Necessarily Better

I’ve said this before in this article and I’ll say it again: just because someone is charging you an outrageous amount of money for a hypnosis session, doesn’t mean it’s going to do the job.

On the other hand, skimping out and going for the cheapest deal won’t serve you well either; in fact it could end up costing you more in time, money and frustration. In order to reach and maintain a healthy weight, you have to be willing to do the work; but you need a qualified, professional therapist who has years of experience under her belt to help you along the way.

In response to your question: ‘how much does it cost to get hypnotized to lose weight’, the answer is: it depends. Do some research. Ask specific questions and in the end, go with your intuition. But remember; if it sounds too good to be true then there’s a very good chance it is.