Proven articles that show hypnotherapy is effective and safe

Hypnosis Works! Science Proves It To Be True…

More and more every day we are seeing proof in the medical and scientific community that hypnosis does work. You may have heard some of the ‘urban myths’ about hypnosis that leave you feeling scared and sceptical about the whole process.

If so, I understand your wariness and it’s sensible to do your research. (See this article about the Myths And Facts About HypnosisFortunately others have done the research for you, and there is plenty of scientific evidence that proves hypnosis is an effective and powerful therapy that enables you to make powerful changes in a relatively short period of time.

Please feel free to browse through these research papers and see it with your own eyes. Hypnosis becoming more and more popular in mainstream society. Experts in the medical and scientific community agree and their words of confirmation can be seen in the links below.


Hypnosis Research Article Links

School age children from 7 years old responded very positively to hypnotherapy for insomnia: School Age Children Are Hypnotized For Insomnia


People who get severe asthma often feel very anxious about their symptoms. Read how self-hypnosis helped them to alleviate their fears:  Severe Asthma Sufferers Use Self-Hypnosis To Manage Anxiety


Many people get very anxious about having surgery. Hypnosis has been proven to alleviate this anxiety in patients:  Pre-Operative Surgery Nerves Are Relieved In Patients Using Hypnotherapy


Side effects of breast cancer surgery can be brutal. Read how hypnosis helped patients here:  Hypnotherapy Successfully Alleviates Breast Cancer Surgery Side Effects


Read how hypnosis can successfully treat symptoms of pain:  Hypnosis for Pain Management


In this study, adolescents who had cancer were treated with hypnosis and it was successful in reducing their acute pain symptoms:  Hypnotherapy Alleviates Acute Pain in Adolescent Cancer Patients


Hypnosis is a very successful modality to treat depression. Read about a study that was done here::  Hypnotherapy To Treat Depression


Alopecia is triggered by stress. Hypnosis has been proven to alleviate stress and reduce outbreaks in patients with this condition:  Hypnotherapy Alleviates Stress And Anxiety Triggers That Cause Alopecia


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