Hypnosis For Weight Loss Melbourne – Hypnotherapy For Losing Weight

Clinical hypnotherapy is an excellent tool that digs deep into your subconscious mind to remove the self-sabotaging mechanisms that cause weight gain.

The best weight loss hypnosis Melbourne practitioners all have three qualities in common:

  1. They hold government accredited qualifications;
  2. They have been practising for 10 years or more;
  3. They treat a minimum of 600 clients per year


Hypnosis for weight loss can work even when you’ve tried everything else and failed. If you’ve been bled dry by every pill, potion and fad diet on the market, I have good news for you.

What you need is access to the one missing element that will help you get it right this time. Let me explain further in this video I made…


How A Professional Consulting Hypnotherapist Can Help

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Eat Right And Exercise… Blah Blah Blah

Okay…I get it.

You’re sick and tired of hearing this mantra…right? Most of my clients already know ‘how’ to lose weight. After all, it’s pretty simple in theory, isn’t it? Diet and exercise. So if it’s that simple, why are we as a nation getting fatter?

It’s because the piece of the puzzle you haven’t yet found is the one that solves the headspace problem; that is, the subconscious reasons why you’re NOT doing what you need to do consistently. Weight loss hypnotherapy Melbourne sessions allow you to directly address the obstacles preventing you from weight loss success and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Why Can’t You Lose Weight?

hypnosis for weight loss melbourne

Our therapist for hypnosis for weight loss in Melbourne explains the specific subconscious beliefs that hinder weight loss Right now there are dozens of hidden beliefs in your subconscious mind that point to the same theme:

I can’t do it.

I highly encourage you to read my page ‘what is hypnosis?’ – it explains what beliefs are and more specifically, why weight loss hypnosis in Melbourne is the next logical step to gaining control of your eating habits and patterns.

In a nutshell, if you think you can’t avoid junk food and be slim, fit and healthy, you will continue to self-sabotage and fail. These are the top 4 subconscious beliefs that make people overweight:

  • I have no willpower;
  • I’m lazy;
  • I don’t have time;
  • This is the way I’ve always been


Do any of these statements ring true with you? If not, never fear: I’m an expert at finding your negative beliefs through weight loss hypnotherapy in Melbourne– just give me 15 minutes of your time.


Customised Clinical Hypnosis Programs

I could sit down with you and uncover your negative beliefs in a single 15-minute hypnotherapy session. But what do you do once you know what those beliefs are? You can’t change them yourself because your conscious critical mind is always on alert – but I CAN.

When you go into hypnosis for weight loss in Melbourne, your conscious mind takes a walk while your subconscious listens intently to what I am saying. So, as long as it’s okay with you, I can change the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and help you maintain better habits. Here’s how:

  • Detailed diagnosis and removal of the cause of your weight problem.
  • A professionally-recorded hypnotherapy weight loss Melbourne MP3 download to listen to in between sessions that will amplify the work we do together and provide ongoing support;
  • Choose from 3 packages, depending on your budget and specific needs.

CASE STUDY: Rebecca Thought All Hope Was Lost

Rebecca came to my office for our first session feeling desperate and alone. She had tried and failed to achieve a healthy weight so many times with endless diets and hypnotherapy weight loss Melbourne programs were the second last resort – the last was lap band surgery.

But what Rebecca didn’t realise was that no surgical procedure can take away the urge to overeat – especially if that urge has emotional triggers.

She’d just come out of an emotionally abusive 23-year marriage and her confidence was at an all-time low. Binge-eating was Rebecca’s way of coping with the stuff that had gone wrong in her life.

As part of her weight loss hypnosis sessions, I incorporated specific therapeutic suggestions for confidence, assertiveness and wellbeing. Once Rebecca started to get a solid footing, she took baby steps. Those baby steps turned into big steps and then huge strides. By the end of her 4th hypnotherapy session, she had lost 4 kilos and was feeling refreshed, renewed and confident that she could continue losing weight and reach her weight loss goals without my help.

What About Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?

Virtual gastric band hypnosis is all the rage lately. This is a non-surgical technique where Melbourne hypnotherapists will use hypnosis to convince you that you have had the procedure – a ‘virtual gastric band’, so to speak – and that your stomach is, in fact, smaller. This means that you will eat less food and smaller portions.

As I said before, however, this is simply a bandaid for the problem. While this may be a start to address your eating patterns and help you reach your weight loss goal, believing you have a virtual gastric band does not address the underlying issues that caused your emotional eating or unhelpful old habits in the first place. This is less likely to result in a permanent change in your diet, relationship with food, and body image.

If you are placed in stressful situations or your emotional triggers arise, you can relapse into your old habits. Weight loss hypnotherapy in Melbourne, on the other hand, goes straight to the source and addresses the anxiety, emotions and unconscious beliefs that inform our diet.


Overeating And Weight Gain Is A Symptom Of Low Self-Esteem…

…NOT the cause. When I ask my clients ‘what will achieving your goal weight give you that you don’t have now?’, they almost always say ‘confidence’.

But actually, they have it the other way around. If you really felt happy within yourself, there would be no need to overeat. My client Sam can attest to that, and you can watch her testimonial video to the right.

An essential part of my weight loss hypnosis Melbourne program revolves around building solid self-esteem, which is the cornerstone of any good weight loss program. Think of it like priming a canvas: when you create an oil painting, you can’t just paint straight onto the raw canvas. You have to coat it with primer first; otherwise, the oils will seep through the canvas and your work will be ruined. But when you feeling confident, when you’re able to handle anything that comes your way, weight loss is a piece of cake!

You have to coat it with primer first otherwise the oils will seep through the canvas and your work will be ruined. But when you feeling confident, when you’re able to handle anything that comes your way, losing weight is a piece of cake!

And it’s not just ordinary people who are beginning to seek professional help for their negative self-talk and self-sabotaging weight problems. Check out this article which explains how Oprah Winfrey lost weight by changing her mindset.

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