Yes, hypnosis is completely safe. It’s a state of mind you have experienced a thousand times over in one form or another, and it feels like something you have done all your life. If you want to know more about the process read my ‘what is hypnosis?‘ page.

Don’t be fearful of hypnotherapy based on rumours or stories you have heard from other people. Instead, make up your own mind after researching myths and facts. You should take care to choose a hypnotherapist:

  • Who has been practising for a good number of years;
  • Who can provide testimonials and case studies;
  • Who has done her training at a government accredited training institution;
  • Whom you trust


When To Avoid Hypnosis

You should avoid hypnosis if:

  • You have had, or are currently experience psychotic episodes (or if you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia);
  • You have a history of grand mal epilepsy and you are not taking medication to control seizures;
  • You are feeling very depressed, agitated or suicidal;
  • You have changed, reduced or stopped a medication which affects your central nervous system


Hypnotherapy Can Help.

Why clinical hypnosis is a safe modality

It can help you with a range of conditions, including weight loss, quitting smoking and phobias. If you’re not sure if you would be a good candidate for hypnosis, get checked out by your doctor and contact me to get some advice.

There’s no harm in being fully prepared and you want to be sure that you’re the right candidate before enlisting the help of a therapist. Ultimately only you can decide what is right so always pay attention to your gut instinct.


You Will Not Go Into Trance If You Don’t Trust Your Therapist

Even if your hypnotherapist has all the right credentials, if you get a bad feeling when you meet your therapist, pay close attention to this feeling; not necessarily because it means the therapist isn’t who they say they are, but most importantly because hypnosis required your co-operation.

If you don’t trust your therapist you will not go into a state of hypnosis. Just like with any profession there are hypnotherapists who are worth their weight in gold and there are those who don’t have the credentials and/or experience needed to help you. So make sure you research thoroughly before you commit.


Safe Enough For the Medical and Scientific Community?

You bet. Hypnosis is accepted as a valid and effective form of therapy that is appropriate for many conditions. You can read my scientific articles page to see individual studies that support the efficacy of hypnotherapy.

For a safe and enjoyable experience, do your research and make sure you choose a qualified hypnotherapist who has been operating for at least 5 years. If you live in Melbourne, feel free to contact me.