If you feel like you’re completely out of control, consulting with your local hypnotherapist in the Melbourne area to stop your overeating problem may just be your best bet to kick this thing and get back on track again.

Binge eating and weight gain go hand in hand for most people; but those who suffer from disordered eating patterns must be handled with extreme care, because if left unchecked this kind of behaviour can very quickly progress to a full-blown eating disorder.

Most people who contact me know everything there is to know intellectually about healthy eating. Many have jumped onto the ‘sugar is poison’ bandwagon, only to discover that removing so-called ‘devil-foods’ from the diet, no matter how unhealthy they are, just isn’t sustainable in the modern world.


All-Or-Nothing Never Works

How eating a healthy balanced diet can help you

By far the biggest cause of overeating is ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking; this is rooted in the sense that ‘I must do it perfectly or not at all’. This kind of mentality is encouraged by fad diets and specific food ‘witch-hunts’ and it only ever ends in misery.

The more you try to deprive your body of a specific type of food that you love, the more it will rebel; even if you’re eating enough calories. So, let’s say your favourite treat in the whole world happens to be chocolate. Should you give it up?

Absolutely not. The chocolate isn’t the problem; the problem is that you believe on a subconscious level that you can’t just have a few pieces and that once you start eating it you can’t stop. You may also be using chocolate to self-soothe or provide comfort rather than dealing with the painful feelings that arise as a result of the ups and downs of life.


”If The Packet Is Open I Must Finish It”

Does this behaviour pattern sound familiar? It should. It’s the number one subconscious belief that I have to remove among my binge-eating clients. You may even be shaking your head at this statement, saying to yourself: ‘no, I don’t believe that at all’. Sure, intellectually you may know that you are the only one who can control what goes into your body, and that nobody is holding a gun to your head when you polish off a pack of Tim-Tams in 5 minutes flat.

Yet your physical behaviour is all the evidence you need. If you feel compelled to finish that packet of Tim-Tams or that block of chocolate, then it’s abundantly clear that what you tell yourself is not actually congruent with your subconscious beliefs.

Bottom line; if you do it, then it’s a belief; and whether you like it or not, beliefs are locked in the subconscious where you can’t get to them. Fortunately though, I can.


Find The Unwanted Beliefs And Watch Yourself Transform

I’ve treated literally thousands of clients who were overweight and tired of stuffing themselves until they felt sick and who never thought they could change; yet with a little help they were able to prove themselves wrong.

Sophie was a client whose favourite catch-phrase was ‘I can’t do it’. When we worked together to solve her binge eating problem, she had really hit rock bottom.

She kept telling me ‘this is the way I’ve always been’. The first homework I gave her was to become aware of that very statement. When you say the words ‘this is the way I’ve always been…’, you imply ‘…therefore this is the way I will always be’.

That’s all well and good if you’re happy with the particular behaviour pattern. For example, if you’ve always been someone who follows through on their commitments, more power to you; no need to change that statement.

On the other hand, in Sophie’s case she was not only re-affirming her destructive subconscious belief patterns (IE: I can’t do it, I’ll never be able to do it because I’ve never been able to do it in the past), but she was seriously sabotaging any attempts she made to shake this problem.


Along Came A Hypnotherapist…

With the right coaching and therapy, Sophie was able to conquer her comfort-eating behaviour. It took some time and she fell over many times along the way, but the important thing is she kept getting back up.

Each time she got back up she became stronger and stronger; until eventually she stopped falling over completely and started living her life on her terms. If you’re considering hypnosis to deal with overeating and you live in Melbourne contact me here for more information.