The most common question I get asked is ‘what is the success rate of hypnotherapy in Melbourne?’, and more specifically many people ask about my personal success rate.

When that question comes up, my answer is always the same: ‘I don’t know.’ The reason I don’t know my own success rate is because I don’t have the resources to collect the kind of data that would be needed to give you an honest and accurate figure.

To be able to give you a truly accurate snapshot of my efficacy with clients, I would need to follow my clients up over many years to work out not just if they had initial success with the treatment, but whether or not they have had ongoing success.


Beware Of The Standard 95 Percenters

What to look for when you are selecting a hypnotherapist

If I had a dollar for every hypnosis website I have come across that has a big ‘95% Success Rate’ Banner plastered across the front page, I’d be a rich woman.

Really? Where exactly did they come up with this figure? You, like most people, may not think to question this number because it would seem improbable that any practitioner would lie about such results.

The fact is, plenty of practitioners do lie about their success rate because to my knowledge nobody has the money or the resources to do the proper studies and research that would be required to produce a valid figure.

Whether you’re trying to weight loss hypnotherapy in Melbourne, quit smoking hypnotherapy in Melbourne or change some other area of your life using hypnosis, the proof is in the pudding. Most of my clients respond positively to the effects of hypnosis, but some don’t.

To my knowledge, no modality is effective for all of the people all of the time. To improve your chances of success, do your research and select the best hypnotherapist for the job. And the next time a hypnotherapist quotes a success rate, ask for the research and data to back it up. My guess is they won’t be validate their claims.


Is It A Reasonable Question To Ask?

Of course it is, and you have every right to ask; it just isn’t a question that can be honestly answered. Clinical studies have indicated that hypnosis is effective for about 87% of any given population.

As for me, well the only thing I can tell you is the truth. I can help most people but there are some people I can’t help. I can’t know just by talking to you whether you will be receptive to my treatment programs.

No hypnotherapist can guarantee results, nor can they tell just by talking to you, whether you will achieve the outcome you desire. However, I do have lots of testimonials on this website, some written and some videos. These were given by real clients who had great results and who are grateful for the work I did with them.

Instead of asking a hypnotherapist what her success rate is, pay close attention to any reviews that have been written about her and any testimonials she has on her website. After that, trust your intuition and go with the practitioner that you feel most at ease with.