Hypnosis will not wear off if it’s done properly, by a fully accredited hypnotherapist in Melbourne. What exactly do I mean when I say ‘properly’?

Let’s take weight loss hypnotherapy for example; 90% of women who come to see me have an emotional eating problem. That is, they turn to food to nurture themselves, especially:

  • When they’re upset;
  • If they’ve had a bad day at work;
  • When they’re lonely;
  • When they want to be comforted


In these situations, it’s not enough just to give the client a nice relaxation that includes positive hypnotic suggestions such as;

  • You always enjoy eating healthy low fat foods;
  • You will exercise every day;
  • You listen to your body and only respond to hunger


Sure, the relaxation will feel good and the suggestions ARE helpful to some degree. She might respond to these suggestions over a matter of weeks or months. She may even lose a little weight.

But when the novelty wears off, and when she’s alone at night after a bad day, she will eventually turn to food for comfort once again and the effects of the therapy will indeed wear off, because the symptoms was treated without addressing the cause; that’s like putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound that needs stitches and antibiotics.


Choose A Hypnotherapist Who Has Done Years (Not Months) Of Training

Melbourne clinical hypnotherapist explains why the therapist you work with must be accredited

Do your research and make sure your therapist has what to takes to solve your problem. Make sure she is who she says she is and that she has an accredited, government approved qualification. But most importantly make sure you really understand her approach to your problem so that you can be confident she is addressing it from all the required angles.

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your therapist so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. I offer a free 30 minute weight loss assessment so that you can get a feel for what I do and whether or not my approach is right for you.


The Effects Of Hypnosis Are Permanent

Once you stop being afraid of flying, you stop for good. Problem solved. But what about if you quit smoking(quit smoking hypnotherapy Melbourne) in one session and then pick it up again 6 months later? Once again, it’s because there is a deeper subconscious need or secondary gain that wasn’t addressed in the first session. A second or third session will usually correct the problem.

Once your therapist has addressed all the underlying beliefs and blocks that are causing the problem, it goes away and doesn’t come back. So always be sure to choose a qualified therapist with the right credentials who has been practising for at least 5 years