A hypnotherapist can no more take control of your mind than she can stop the sun setting at night. Let’s face it: if I really COULD control your mind, why would I be working as a hypnotherapist?

If I really had those kinds of powers, I wouldn’t need to work at all. I’d be off in the Bahamas somewhere sipping cocktails and snickering to myself.

Reputable hypnotherapists have your best interests at heart. They want to help you, not control you.


Put Your Mind At Rest

Hypnotherapy is very different to stage hypnosis. My job is not to play ‘God’ with your mind but to put you in touch with the resources you already have to make the changes you want to make.

You cannot be made to do something that you wouldn’t normally have the predisposition to do. If your hypnotherapist were to suggest something that didn’t sit well with you, you would open your eyes and the session would end.


And While We’re On The Subject Of Stage Hypnotists…

Why a stage hypnotist is nothing like a clinical hypnotherapist

Nobody – and I mean NOBODY– can make you cluck like a chicken unless you actually want to cluck like a chicken. One of my clients said: ‘My cousin went to see a stage hypnotist and he went up on stage and the hypnotist made him do all kinds of crazy things. Will this happen to me today?’

I asked her if her cousin was the kind of person who loves attention and whether he was somebody who would normally relish doing crazy things in front of other people. She answered yes to both of those questions – and in doing so, she answered her own question.


Just Because People Say It, Doesn’t Make It True

Have you ever played the game ‘chinese whispers’? If so you’ll know that wires can get crossed pretty easily. If you’ve heard a rumour about hypnotherapy that scares you, don’t believe everything you hear!

Do your own research and you will discover that hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful treatment that has been used for centuries and is becoming more and more accepted in mainstream medicine and science. You can read about the most common untrue ‘stories’ that are told about hypnosis on my ‘what is hypnosis’ page.


Discover What The Medical And Scientific Community Is Saying About Hypnosis

To help you further in your research, there is a page on this website that contains many scientific studies about hypnosis. You can read all the articles here. What can you use hypnotherapy for? The possibilities are endless. Take a look at my anxiety, depression and weight loss pages for a start.

You’ll find many other conditions also respond positively to hypnotherapy. If you would like more information about what I do, this is my contact page. Drop me a line – I would love to tell you more!