Hypnosis For Depression Melbourne


More and more people are researching hypnosis for depression in Melbourne because unlike other more traditional forms of talk therapy, you don’t have to spend months attending weekly sessions.Talking about your problems isn’t enough. At some point you have to find a way to:

  • Address the negative subconscious beliefs that are perpetuating the feelings of hopelessness and despondency;
  • Managing the ruminating mind patterns that exacerbate the problem


Training your mind to not habitually react to your negative thought patterns is the only way to do this. I have taught many of my clients some powerful tools and techniques that make this possible.


How Depression Hypnotherapy Gives Relief



Most People Run Away From Their Feelings

There’s no doubt about it; difficult emotions are unpleasant and most people would do anything to get rid of them. Ironically, it is precisely your attempt at getting rid of these emotions that only causes them to come back stronger.

When you suffer from depression, you believe your thoughts as if everything they ‘tell’ you is real. But they’re not real and you can learn to separate fact from reality with the help of a professional consulting hypnotherapist.


Reactive Depression

our hypnotherapist explains the causes of reactive depression

When unexpected or bad things happen to us, we do our best to process the feelings, thoughts and energies that accompany these life situations.

It’s only natural to feel anxious, disconcerted or down. Below are some examples of situations where you might experience symptoms of depression:

  • Loss of a job;
  • Death of a loved one
  • Being in an abusive relationship;
  • Unexpected life changes


During these times it can be normal to go into a state of inner turmoil while you work through the difficult feelings that come up. But if you’re uncomfortable with these emotions you may instead repress, stuff down or deny them until eventually they all build up and it becomes too much to bear.

I liken it to an internal ‘barrel ‘that contains all the negative emotions and energies we experience in our day to day lives. Those emotions remain in the barrel until they are processed, dealt with or reconciled by you.

If you get hit with a lot of these emotions all at once or if you haven’t dealt with the existing barrel of ‘stuff’, that barrel will eventually become full and you’ll feel like you can’t cope any more. My job is to help you empty that barrel in the easiest, most effective way possible.

Clinical Depression

If your despondent feelings have come on out of the blue and you can’t pinpoint any specific situations that are causing or contributing to these feelings, you may be suffering from clinical depression. Some common causes are:

  • Adding, changing or stopping any kinds of medications that alter the chemical process in your brain;
  • Pregnancy, menopause or hormonal changes;
  • Using recreational drugs;
  • Skipping meals, drastically changing your diet or eating a poor diet

I can’t treat clinical depression with hypnotherapy because hypnosis cannot alter your hormones or brain chemistry.


Your Negative Mind Patterns Can Be Changed

Sceptical? So was my client Cheryl, whose testimonial you can hear in this video. Cheryl was completely at the end of her tether when I met her.

She was literally drowning in her own negative though patterns and didn’t know where to turn. After she came across my website she called me and after a long conversation with me, she decided to make an hour trip to come and see me.

Now she is thriving and living out her potential as the beautiful, strong and capable woman that she had lost many years ago. Just like Cheryl, you have the opportunity to change.


How Thoughts Turn To Things

Just because you think a thought, doesn’t make it true. Think of it this way: if someone told you a story, would you believe it to be true? You wouldn’t, because you’d immediately be able to see the difference between fact and fiction.

Let me tell you; when it comes to storytelling, your mind is an expert! Still, that doesn’t mean you have to get caught up in it; in fact you can train your mind to break the cycle of negative thinking that keeps you stuck in your depressive state.

A hypnotherapy expert can work with your subconscious mind to help you release any beliefs, behaviour patterns or mind states that are causing the problem. To find out how this can be done read this page on how hypnosis works.


When You Work With Me You Will:

  • Stop trying to fight against your feelings;
  • Recognise and accept that all mind states come and go;
  • Listen to a professional hypnotherapy MP3 for depression;
  • Enjoy a customised program that addresses the mind blocks and negative beliefs that cause your depression



Caitlin Was Completely Lost in Life

Do you ever feel like you have lost yourself? My client Caitlin felt this way too, after a series of life events left her reeling. She called me after suffering from a severe panic attack and subsequently going into deep depression after both her parents died within 6 months of each other.

Grieving for one person is hard enough but when you’re faced with a loss like this it can feel like nothing is ever going to get better. Caitlin’s whole world was rocked and she needed to find a way out of the black hole. We started with some grief and anxiety work.

The hypnotherapy procedure I followed was designed to help Caitlin feel a little safer about her life so she could start to rebuild it. She also had a tendency to ignore of deny her emotions, so she had to learn to manage those emotions in a more constructive way. As she learnt to do this the fog lifted and she started to become more and more confident within herself.

Caitlin’s story is a great example of when life situations get on top of you and you fall in a heap. With my help she was able to empty her barrel of unwanted baggage. Once she did that her life became much more manageable.


Take Back Control Today

If you have a lot of stuff going on that has built up so you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, I can help you empty the barrel in a safe and effective way.

You can try hypnosis for depression here in Melbourne to process feelings of grief, loss and hopelessness in a way that allows you to let go of old mind patterns and move forward.

Get in touch with me on my contact page if you would like to make a time to see me.