Many people ask me: do you remember being hypnotized?’ when having a session with a therapist. The answer is: sometimes.

As ambiguous as that sounds, it is the most accurate way to answer the question, because each person’s experience of hypnosis is vastly unique.

For example, I have had clients who were acutely aware of everything I was saying throughout the entire session, and by contrast I have had other clients who remembered nothing. So, which client received the most benefit from their session? Actually, both of them did. Let me explain:


When You Can Remember Your Session

There are 3 stages of hypnosis which range from light to deep. Some people experience all three stages of hypnosis (alpha, theta and delta) during any given session.

The first stage of hypnosis is called ‘Alpha’. During this stage you are able to hear and remember everything your therapist says. You are alert, yet relaxed at the same time.

If your therapist is using guided visualization, you will be following along with the story or vision, yet it may feel as if you could open your eyes at any time; and you can.


Well..Who Would Have Thought…?

Facts about hypnosis

While this first stage may feel as though nothing much is going on, it is actually very effective, as my weight loss hypnosis in Melbourne client Sonia discovered. She was convinced that because she had heard and remembered ever part of her session, the hypnotherapy ‘had not worked’.

The following week, she changed her tune completely as she reported many positive changes in her eating habits that had magically manifested themselves into her daily life.

The moral of the story is that you don’t have to be in a deep state of hypnosis for it to work. The first stage of hypnosis is sufficient to create powerful and positive changes in your life.


When You Can’t Remember Your Session

If you can’t remember anything that went on in your session or if you remember very little of the session, don’t panic! It’s just means you’re really easily hypnotized and that you go very deep very quickly.

The deepest stage of hypnosis is ‘Delta’. During this stage you could be forgiven for thinking you have fallen asleep but this is not true.

When you’re in Delta, even though you’re not paying attention to what your therapist is saying, your subconscious mind is paying very close attention and the hypnotic suggestions are readily accepted and acted upon by your mind.

So, even though you don’t actually remember the hypnosis, it has worked and you will be very responsive to the changes.


Try Not To Overthink It

Many people have a set idea about what hypnosis should and should not feel like. In truth only a qualified hypnotherapists in Melbourne is able to tell whether or not you go under, so trust what they say if they tell you it worked.

Do you remember being hypnotized? From personal experience I have to say that most of the time people remember at least part of their session.

If you want your session to be effective always work with a qualified professional who has plenty of experience. That way you can be sure you’re getting the best service available like anxiety therapy in Melbourne and quit smoking hypnotherapy Melbourne.

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