You absolutely, positively CANNOT get stuck in a state of hypnosis. During your hypnotherapy session I am monitoring you very closely at all times. At the end of the session I count from one to ten and with the assistance of my voice you wake up.

On rare occasions if my client has sleep issues I might let them drift gently off to sleep for a few minutes. And you know as well as I do that you can awaken from sleep at any time you choose.


What Happens When You Are In Hypnosis

False beliefs about the process of hypnosis

When you’re in hypnosis you don’t go off into a parallel universe or anything dramatic like that. What really happens is that as you listen to my voice your mind wanders off occasionally.

During that time you’re not consciously paying attention to what I’m saying (even though your subconscious mind is all ears). When your mind wanders off that means you’re in a state of hypnosis. 

You’ve probably gone off into various daydreams at least 5 times already today (maybe even while reading this page!) and as you know, your mind always eventually comes back to the task at hand. So just like this situation, when the hypnosis session ends your mind comes back to conscious awareness easily and effortlessly.


I Understand Your Concerns

You’ve probably read horror stories about stage hypnotists locking unsuspecting audience members into a perpetual state of hypnosis. But that’s all baloney. Nobody will remain in a trance unless they want to. Not you, not me and not anybody on the planet.

Interestingly enough as a student at the Academy of Hypnotic science this was one of the first questions I wanted to ask – can I get stuck in hypnosis? Our director Richard used to joke that they had a room out the back full of people who hadn’t woken up from hypnosis.


Rest Assured You’re In Control

Once, in the middle of a hypnosis session with a client, I had to very quickly excuse myself to be violently ill in the bathroom (well it was either that or vomit over the client – not a good look!)

When I returned, she was sitting in the chair fully awake and alert with a smile on her face (obviously I didn’t make her pay for THAT session!). Just like my client, if for some reason you needed to awaken from hypnosis due to an emergency, you would do so easily, without hesitation.


Hypnosis Is Safe.

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