Build a Better Body Image with Hypnosis

It’s almost impossible to have a positive body image in this youth-obsessed society. There are many factors that influence the way you feel about your body, including your upbringing, media images, and consumer messages.

With size zero being the acceptable norm, it’s no wonder eating disorders are on the rise among my clients. If you struggle to accept your body the way it is it can feel like you’re a prisoner of your own thoughts.


The REAL Reason Why You Hate Your Body



Never. Good. Enough.

How you can learn to accept your body right now

If you hate your body then no amount of weight loss, surgery or anything else will help. In fact if left unchecked your negative body image can quickly evolve into an eating disorder. Here’s how it starts:

  • You don’t like the way you look, so you go on a diet. You’re excited at first because you can’t wait to fit into that new outfit you have your eye on. After some perseverance you lose weight and start to feel pretty good about yourself.
  • As people begin to make positive comments about your transformation you start to feel on top of the world – for a while. Until one day you see someone prettier and skinnier than you. And that’s when you decide the way you look isn’t good enough after all.
  • You have to lose EVEN more weight now. And so it goes on. The cycle never ends because this belief is firmly planted in your deep subconscious mind: Never. Good. Enough.  And sadly, as long as this belief is in your mind you will continue to beat yourself up and strive for the unattainable, ruining your life at the same time.

How Do You Know If You Have a Body Image Problem?

Low self-esteem is an epidemic in Western cultures. In a society that idolizes youth and beauty it is inevitable that at some stage in your life you’re going to have doubts about your appearance.

After all you are literally being hypnotised by consumerism to feel bad about yourself so you’ll spend more money trying to fix the problem.

But the solution cannot be bought. It is inside your head and requires your full attention. You may have a body image problem if:

  • The number on the scale governs your mood for the day;
  • You cringe every time you see a reflection of yourself;
  • You avoid social situations because you’re ashamed of the way you look;
  • You are beginning to develop unhealthy or restrictive eating patterns


Work With a hypnotherapist To Break Free From The Pain

You can accept your body right now, exactly as it is with the help of a Melbourne hypnotherapy expert. Learn how to break free from the destructive beliefs and mind patterns that tell you you’re not good enough. I can help you:

  • See yourself as a whole, unique, worthwhile person;
  • Stop comparing yourself unfavourably to others;
  • Let go of anxiety about imperfection;
  • You will also receive a professionally recorded hypnosis MP3 that you will listen to in between sessions.

Get results Using Self-Hypnosis

Laura couldn’t look at herself in the mirror. She came to me in tears, initially distressed because she had gained ten kilos over a period of 2 years. Laura didn’t just dislike her body – she loathed it. She avoided any situations where when might bump into somebody she knew when she was slimmer for fear that they would judge and look down on her.

To top it all off she hated her nose and was convinced that this was the only feature others saw. Laura certainly wasn’t ready to do any weight loss work yet. She was far too fragile. So instead I concentrated on her self-esteem and sense of self-worth. I taught her how to value herself for her other qualities, not just her physical body.

We addressed the negative subconscious beliefs that were keeping her stuck in a cycle of self-hatred and, slowly but surely she began to let go of the idea that she was an ugly, unacceptable person.

As Laura let go of her anxiety about being imperfect, other people were instantly drawn to her. She became more confident, outgoing and friendly. She dressed for her body shape and began to really enjoy receiving compliments about her body. Once we built a solid foundation of self-acceptance, Laura was ready to lose weight in a healthy, positive way – and she did.


You Are NOT Your body

Your body is only a tiny fraction of the worthwhile human being that you are. When people see you, they don’t just look at your nose or your chin or your thighs. They are seeing a multi-faceted being – the whole package. Learning to accept yourself just as you are is the key to happiness.

If you would like help to build a positive body image, call or email me on my contact page and I will be happy to have a conversation with you.