There are plenty of ways for me, as a clinical hypnotherapist in Melbourne, to work out whether you’re hypnotized. But how will YOU know for sure that you’re actually in a trance? Different people respond to the process in different ways – but the easiest way to know if you’re in a state of hypnosis is if you can visualise and imagine what I’m saying.

So, let’s say during your session I asked you to imagine yourself walking along a beautiful, secluded beach with crystal clear water and soft white sand. If you could imagine this, it would prove that you were in the first state of hypnosis, which is called ‘alpha’.

If you are able to see, hear, feel, taste, smell or imagine what I describe to you then you are using your visualisation skills and you are in a hypnotic trance. This is why children are so easily hypnotized – because they are in an almost constant state of heightened imagination, or trance.


What If You Can’t Visualize?

No problem. There are some people who simply cannot visualize anything no matter how hard they try. This doesn’t mean that those people cannot be hypnotized. For these people I would use either direct suggestions or Eriksonian methods, which do not require the use of your imagination in any way.

Still, even if you can’t visualise there are other ways for you to know whether or not you’re in a trance. The second most common thing that happens during your session is that your mind wanders off while I’m talking to you. It feels similar to daydreaming and it might be annoying for you at first because you want to concentrate on what I’m saying – but don’t worry. This is normal and it’s supposed to happen.


It’s Normal For Your Mind To Wander

What being in a hypnotic trance feels like

In fact it’s a great sign when that happens because it means you’re moving into the deeper states of hypnosis (called ‘theta’ and ‘delta’). It is while your mind is wandering off that the suggestions I give you are being absorbed directly into your subconscious mind. And that’s a good thing!

During your session you move in and out of various states of trance, including alpha, theta and delta. All of these states are equally effective and you are just as receptive to the positive suggestions I give you whether you are in a light or deep state of trance. Here are some more signs that you are in a state of hypnosis:

  • You can feel rapid eye movement (REM);
  • You’re very relaxed and dreamy;
  • You forget or miss entire sections of what I say to you;
  • You feel heavy or tingly


So as you can see it’s a pretty normal and achievable experience to be hypnotized. You can use hypnosis for lots of things, including confidence, sleep issues, smoking hypnosis in Melbourne, hypnotherapy for anxiety in Melbourne and weight loss hypnosis in MelbourneIf you live in Melbourne and would like to see a hypnotherapist to treat your issue or problem, feel free to contact me any time via this page for more information.

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