Will hypnosis work for you?

How To Make Sure Hypnotherapy Works For You

“Sure Sonia, I understand how the process works. But what I really want to know is will hypnosis work for me?

This is undoubtedly the most common question I get asked, especially during my free weight loss assessments; and it’s a fair question.

In most cases these people have forked out thousands of dollars in the past on other so-called ‘sure thing’ pills, potions and gadgets that ended up being useless. They don’t want to shell out more money for yet another dud.

There are good and bad reports on the internet about any modality, so how do you actually know it will work for you? The answer is; you don’t.


87% Success Rate

No hypnotherapist, no matter how skilled she is, can guarantee that hypnotherapy will work for you. On the other hand, studies have shown that while hypnosis isn’t a panacea, it has been proven to work for 87% of the population.

I think the first thing you need to do when you’re researching is to be aware of some of the myths floating around about the nature of hypnosis. For example, hypnosis will not cure cancer, mend your broken arm or make you grow taller.

But if you want to stop smoking, ease your emotional pain or get fit then it is an excellent tool you can use to get in touch with your subconscious mind and eradicate the behaviour patterns that you can’t shift on your own.

“Okay Sonia…87% success rate is pretty good. But how do I know if I’m going to fall into the unlucky 13% category?” The answer once again is; you don’t.


Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Success

Tips to make sure hypnotherapy works

Even though you don’t know if hypnotherapy will work for you, there are steps you can take to give yourself a much better chance of achieving your goal. For example, it is more likely to work if:

  • You feel comfortable with your therapist;
  • You are clear on how she can help you and what she cannot do for you;
  • Your therapist has an accredited qualification;
  • Your therapist has sufficient experience

Don’t be afraid to call several hypnotherapists and ask them lots of questions. Speaking on the phone is the best way to find out if you feel comfortable with the person with whom you may be working.


Is This Her ‘Real’ Job?

Always ask where the hypnotherapist studied, how long they have been practising and whether or not they are practising full time.

Many practitioners only see clients on a part time basis, as a means of earning extra money on top of their ‘day job’.

This means that even though they may have ‘technically’ been in business for several years, they will have much less hands on experience than a person with a full time practice who sees clients 5 days per week.

The truth is you’ll never know if hypnosis will work for you until you take the plunge and make a booking. Do your research, ask questions, give specific details about your problem and your desired outcome, and when you’re ready you will choose a practitioner that suits your needs.