Hypnosis feels so ordinary that most of my first time clients tell me the same thing: ‘I don’t think I was hypnotized’. Then lo and behold when they leave my clinic, things start to change…they start to eat less of what’s on their plate.

Or they suddenly don’t want a cigarette after smoking heavily for 25 years. Or they’re not feeling anxious all the time. After that…they become true believers. Hypnosis isn’t a whiz-bang phenomenon that sends you hurtling off into an alternative universe.

It is a subtle state of focused awareness which leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and open to change. It’s a really enjoyable experience that feels very similar to daydreaming. Just like when you’re daydreaming, during hypnosis you are in control at all times.

You can scratch and move around, open your eyes, speak to me and remember everything that’s going on during the session – and yet the potential results are quite astounding.


Some Things That You Might Notice When You’re Hypnotized

What hypnotherapy feels like

You might experience hypnosis differently than the next person. But most people agree that it’s something they enjoy and that they can’t wait to do again. Here are some of the most common things people notice when they’re in hypnosis:

  • Rapid Eye Movement (your eyelids feel as though they are fluttering);
  • Tingling in certain parts of the body (or all over);
  • Feeling heavy and weighed down;
  • A little tear coming out of one eye (this is a physiological response, not an emotional one)


One of my clients swore blind that every time she was in hypnosis she felt like the chair was tilted at a 45 degree angle! It really is a very individual experience. You have to try it!


Don’t Believe The Myths

Don’t think that if you can hear and remember everything during your session that it isn’t working. The old wives tale that you need to knocked out or unconscious for hypnosis to work is baloney. Read some other myths about hypnosis on my ‘what is hypnosis?’ page.

If you come out of hypnosis and don’t feel any different, don’t panic! Read and re-read the first paragraph of this page – whether you are in a light state of trance (alpha) or a deep one (delta), the suggestions made by your hypnotherapist are equally as powerful.


It Is Perfectly Safe To Undergo Hypnotherapy

There are a lot of charlatans out there in the self-help world and I understand that you may need more reassurance. So I have compiled a page just for the purpose of collecting scientific studies about hypnosis. You can read all the articles here.

You can use our hypnotherapy in Melbourne to treat a wide range of conditions, not the least of which are anxiety therapy Melbourne, quit smoking hypnosis Melbourne, weight loss hypnotherapy Melbourne, and depression. Before you select your hypnotherapist, make sure you do lots of research and choose someone who is adequately qualified.

If you would like more information about what I do, I would love to hear from you. Contact me here and I will be happy to chat with you.

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