It’s impossible for me to tell you how you will feel after your hypnotherapy session. Some people notice a difference straight away, while other people take a little longer to see results.

In general, most people start to notice a difference after 1-2 sessions but it varies from person to person. You may have heard stories about hypnosis being a ‘quick fix’. Sometimes it seems that way to me when I send a heavy smoker away after one session and he never smokes again.

But don’t be fooled by the stigma. A hypnotherapist doesn’t have a magic wand, and you have to want to make the change in order for it to happen. Read my page ‘what is hypnosis’for the low down on what to expect.


Matt Got Results After Just One Session…

My client Matt was a heavy smoker for 20 years and had tried several times to quit smoking on his own. When he came to see me he had never had a hypnosis session before. It only took him one session to ditch the cigarettes and he hasn’t looked back since.

Why did he quit in one session while others needed more sessions? It’s hard to say. Matt was probably a habit smoker, and didn’t use smoking as a crutch to manage negative emotions. Therefore it was easier for him to quit.


Tracey Took A Little Longer…

Some positive effects of your hypnotherapy session

Tracey was an example of an anxiety smoker – she used smoking as a crutch for her emotions and in particular, she felt she needed a smoke to get a break from her demanding job.

After her first session, Tracey had cut down to half her daily quota of cigarettes. She was disappointed in herself, but I explained to her that:


  • Different people quit smoking in different ways. Some quit completely, while others need to cut down;
  • A reduction in your daily cigarette quota is a GOOD thing. It just means you need more than one session.


After I explained this, Tracey relaxed and accepted that in the scheme of things she was actually doing really well. She only needed one more session after that (three in total) before she could declare herself a non-smoker forever. And that she did!


Don’t Compare Apples With Oranges

It is pointless comparing your results with another person’s because your situation is completely different to theirs. Don’t worry if your friend only needed two sessions and you need four – as long as you’re seeing improvement along the way you can be happy in the knowledge that it’s working.

Comparatively speaking, hypnosis gets results much more quickly than the traditional forms of therapy such as counselling and psychology. It’s imperative that you have a good rapport with your therapist, so always trust your gut instinct. If you feel your therapist is doing nothing for you then you have the right to question this.


Read What Scientific Experts Are Saying About Hypnosis

The scientific and medical community has proven time and time again that hypnosis works with their in-depth studies and research papers. Read my articles page for yourself and you will see that hypnosis is an effective treatment for many conditions in including hypnosis for weight loss in Melbourne, smoking hypnosis Melbourne, confidence and anxiety therapy in Melbourne.

If you live in Melbourne, choose someone locally and always choose a fully accredited hypnotherapist with the right qualifications who has been practising for several years. If you would like more information about hypnotherapy in Melbourne you can get in touch with me on this page.

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