5 Things to Look For in a Hypnotherapy Clinic

Hypnotherapy has increased in popularity as more and more people are seeking methods of treatment for addictions, losing weight, increasing confidence and self-esteem, and much more without prescription medication or surgical treatment.

But choosing a hypnotherapy clinic that understands your needs and provides effective relief for your symptoms can seem overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together five key things to look for in a hypnotherapy clinic:

  • Tried & Tested Hypnosis Techniques

Hypnosis and hypnotic trances have been recorded as far back as a millennium ago, but more modern techniques really began to be used by 18th-century German physician Franz Mesmer (from which we get words like ‘mesmerise’).

In Australia, hypnotherapy has been recognised as a mental health profession since as far back as 1996 and the techniques used since then have evolved to the practical and effective treatment that is used by reputable clinics today.

Always choose a hypnotherapy clinic that uses modern tried-and-tested hypnosis techniques such as Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic.

  • Accredited Qualifications

Although the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) does not currently regulate hypnotherapy, this does not mean that there are no requisite qualifications to become a reputable hypnotherapist.

If anything, the lack of formal regulation by the government should be a strong incentive on its own to seek a hypnotherapist that is qualified and holds accreditations from recognised hypnotherapy organisations. Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic is fully accredited by The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.

  • Years of Experience

Going hand in hand with qualifications, experience is also a major differentiating factor amongst hypnotherapists. While you may see meaningful results in treatment provided by novice hypnotherapists, a solid track record of success is key for reputation and practical experience with hypnosis.

Since 2003, Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic has helped over 10,000 patients with quality hypnotherapy treatment. Considering the fact that hypnotherapy organisations date back to the 1990s (in terms of accreditation of members – the Australian Hypnotherapists Association dates further back to 1949), 20 years of professional experience is a lot.

  • Customer Satisfaction

It’s easy to hear praise and advertising for one hypnotherapy clinic over another, so don’t simply take their word for it. What do the customers themselves have to say? Any respectable clinic will not shy away from providing real, genuine reviews from satisfied customers, so look to testimonials and don’t hesitate to ask a clinic for these if you’re in doubt.

At Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic, don’t just take our word for it and instead read through our honest and fair testimonials here.

  • Reputation & Trust

Every business needs some degree of reputation and trust in order to remain in business. Integrity and trust are the foundational cornerstones of a successful business, especially one that has lasted for decades such as our clinic.

Hypnotherapy carries a lot of potential stigmas to it, partially done through Hollywood depictions of mesmerised individuals and perhaps the idea that non-surgical intervention techniques cannot realistically work for things like weight loss or tobacco addiction.

On the contrary, many hypnosis techniques are highly effective at achieving meaningful results because, quite often, the triggers for things like overeating or smoking come from our mind and certain triggers that compel us towards these behaviours. For many individuals, hypnotherapy is an ideal method of treatment because it is effective and doesn’t require any prescription pills, for example.

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