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Hypnosis can help you become an expert communicator, simply by removing old unhelpful behaviour patterns.

You may have been taught from a very young age to keep the peace, put others first and never complain. While it’s important to be flexible in life, sometimes fear of conflict can hold us back.

Submissive children often grow up to be submissive adults, and this can lead to problems in relationships down the track.

Those who are unable to ask for what they want, set boundaries or say ‘no’ are often people who, later on in life develop severe anxiety and anger problems.

Avoiding Conflict Isn’t the Answer.

When you don’t pay attention to your own inner guidance system, you can end up repressing negative emotions that come from never getting your own needs met; but these emotions will still play themselves out one way or another.

In addition, denying or repressing negative emotions can contribute to other problems such as addictions or antisocial behaviour.

If you find it hard to manage conflict, stand up for yourself or communicate to others in a way that gets you heard then self-hypnosis can really help you break unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

This Hypnosis Recording Will Help You:

  • Set clear boundaries with others;
  • Communicate in a positive, respectful and assertive manner;
  • Express your preferences and needs without getting upset;
  • Be more confident in all areas of your life


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