Confidence Hypnotherapy Melbourne


Hypnosis is a safe and effective tool that effectively removes the underlying beliefs and behaviour patterns that cause low self-esteem.

If you’ve had enough of the crippling feelings of unworthiness that hold you back, confidence hypnotherapy in Melbourne is the ideal solution to unlock the innate ability (and right) you have to accept yourself just as you are.


How Clinical Hypnosis Improves Your Self-Image



What Causes Low Self-Esteem

how to diagnose your own low self-esteem- an infographic from a professional hypnotherapist

From the moment you are born you are bombarded with images and messages from the media and society that tell you two things:

  • You’re not good enough;
  • You don’t measure up

Our society measures self-worth on outside sources such as money, physical appearance and social status.

Yet it’s all an illusion because none of these things will bring you lasting happiness, resilience or self-esteem. Hypnosis for confidence can help you break free from that illusion.


Real Confidence Vs. Fake Confidence

No matter what issues my clients present with, I always incorporate self-reliance work in their sessions.

This is because REAL confidence can’t be bought, sold, stolen or cajoled. It is an inner peace that comes from deep inside your subconscious mind and it has nothing to do your outer circumstances.

To rely on outer circumstances to feel good about yourself is a flimsy proposition; real confidence is unshakable and comes from a deep sense of contentment and peace that can only be cultivated by training your mind.

Hypnosis for self-esteem gives you the building blocks of self-worth, ease and inner peace that allow you to live your life to the full without holding yourself back.

Don’t Believe The Stories Your Inner Critic Tells You

Many of my clients tell me that they want to get rid the negative thoughts that tell them they’ll never be good enough. In truth, you can’t get rid of the negative thoughts because they come from your inner critic and every single person on the planet has an inner critic.

The difference between happy, bold, self-reliant people and unhappy people is that happy people are able to recognise when the inner-critic is talking and not pay any attention to the stories it is trying to tell them.

How many times have you found yourself drifting off into a trance of unworthiness, when one thought leads onto the next and before you know it you’re feeling hopeless, useless and depressed? Your inner-critic isn’t the problem – it is the way you’re reacting to your inner-critic that causes all the pain and unhappiness.


You Can learn To Be Confident

With the help of a qualified hypnotherapist; you can change the negative subconscious beliefs that make you hate yourself and learn to treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. I can help you to train your mind to refuse to believe the stories your inner-critic is telling you and focus instead on your positive qualities.

As you focus on the thing you like about yourself they will grow and expand as will your confidence, inner calm and self-respect. Read more about how hypnosis works here.


When you work with me you receive:

  • Techniques that will help you to recognise your inner critic instead of getting caught up in the story it is telling you;
  • A hypnosis MP3 download designed to boost your confidence and self-esteem;
  • A structured hypnosis program designed to help you let go of the beliefs and mind blocks that keep you stuck in a trance of unworthiness



How David Turned A Cubic Zirconia Into A Diamond

To everybody else, David appeared brave, sure of himself and successful. He was a leader in his field and many people admired and respected him.

The problem was even though David was really good at faking confidence he didn’t really feel it deep inside. In fact he was terrified that other people were going to discover that he was a ‘fraud’.

David’s job required him to do a lot of public speaking and in recent months he had found himself going into a state of panic before and sometimes during his speaking engagements.

David had what I call the ‘cubic zirconia’. He was harbouring deep seated beliefs that caused incredibly low self-worth but he was masking this with fake confidence.

My job was to turn that cubic zirconia into a diamond – and I did this using hypnotherapy. We addressed all the negative subconscious beliefs that were causing David to feel bad about himself and I taught him how to recognise the inner critic without identifying with the negative thoughts.

David was thrilled with the results of our work together and went onto enjoy even more success in his field AND his personal life.


You Can Have The Diamond Too

If you are struggling with self-judgement, low confidence or feeling unsure of your place in the world I can teach you how to cultivate a deep inner confidence that radiates out to the rest of the world.

Confidence hypnotherapy in Melbourne is an essential tool that puts you in touch with the radiant inner-you that has been locked up inside for too long. You can reach me on my contact page if you have any questions or if you would like to book a time to come and see me.