Control Your Anger Using Hypnotherapy

If your feelings of exasperation or rage are getting out of control, hypnosis for anger management can help you take back your power, stop blindly reacting to your feelings and express yourself in a calm and positive manner.

A skilled hypnotherapist can help you to do this by teaching you to train your mind and removing the beliefs and subconscious barriers that keep you stuck in a cycle of reactive behaviour.


Anger Is Not A Dirty Word



Why ARE You A Slave To Your Anger?

There could be any number of reasons why you might start to develop an anger problem. Life can be stressful and you may have learnt unskilful ways of coping with this stress. You’re likely to be prone to irritation or impatience if:

  • You’re a highly anxious person who gets upset when you aren’t able to control life situations;
  • You have unresolved conflicts in your life but avoid confrontation at all costs;
  • You were never allowed express your negative emotions when you were growing up


Trying To Get Rid Of Your Anger Is Part Of The Problem

Things that exacerbate the problem of anger

Most people don’t like feeling annoyed and upset. We’re taught when we’re growing up to ‘put on a happy face’, as though feelings of anger are somehow wrong and need to be ignored or banished.

If you’re trying to get rid of your feelings of irritation or outrage, that could be part of the problem.

Anger isn’t a ‘bad’ emotion – it just is what it is. But when you label it as ‘bad’, it becomes something you believe you’re not allowed to feel and so you might pretend you’re not angry or try to distract yourself from your uncomfortable feelings in some other way.

This rarely works because the anger stays inside you, growing and festering until there’s a point when you need to release it.

Usually by that time you are expressing your anger in an inappropriate way, such as with violence, rage or other kinds of aggressive behaviour.


People Pleasers Never Win

If you are someone who finds it hard to say no, set boundaries or speak your mind, this could be causing your outbursts of rage. When you aren’t able or willing to ask for what you want or speak your mind in a logical, rational way this is just another form of repressing emotions.

Anger isn’t actually the problem. When you become annoyed or angry, that tells you that something needs to be addressed. If you don’t address the problem and instead sweep it under the carpet, eventually your unresolved emotions about the situation will turn into anger.

Anger Turned Inwards

Being annoyed or upset doesn’t necessarily equate to aggression. You can express your anger in equally damaging passive-aggressive ways as well. Many of my clients have struggled with this kind if problem.

Examples are:

  • Stony silence or the ‘cold shoulder’;
  • Sarcasm;
  • Withholding affection, sex or love from your partner


The key to managing your anger is not to react to it. A feeling of infuriation or resentment may come up inside you but that doesn’t mean you are an ‘angry person’. Training your mind will teach you to observe your feelings from a distance rather than blindly reacting to them and becoming an ’anger-slave’.


You Can Express Your Anger Appropriately With The Help Of Hypnosis

It’s okay to feel annoyed, upset or exasperated – and when you can express those feelings in a respectful way to others, you are much more likely to get your needs met than if you have a temper tantrum.

A qualified hypnotherapist will work with you to help you become more assertive and rational when dealing with conflict and communicating with others.

She will address any beliefs you have that are stopping you from being assertive and help you to change unwanted mind patterns. Read more about how hypnosis works.


My Anger Management Hypnosis Sessions Will Help You:

  • Recognise when feelings of irritation, exasoeration or rage are arising and react to them appropriately;
  • Ask for what you need and express your opinions respectfully to others;
  • Step back from your anger and observe it instead of becoming a slave to your feelings;
  • Become a calmer, more confident person

Deanna Didn’t Know She Had an Anger Problem

She actually came to see me for low libido. She had been sent by her husband because their sex-life had dwindled to nothing. Straight away alarm bells went off for me. I began to ask Deanna questions about her marriage and the relationship.

After talking with Deanna, I discovered that she was extremely annoyed with her husband for many reasons, and that unbeknown to her, withholding sex was her way of gaining ground in the relationship.

Interestingly, many females who come to me with libido issues discover that it is caused by unresolved anger.

Women want to have sex when they feel loved and cherished. Deanna needed to be straight with her husband and to help her do this I did lots of assertiveness and confidence work with her.

I encouraged her to open the lines of communication with her husband and in doing this, she was able to express her feelings without resorting to passive-aggressive behaviour.

As Deanna listened to my Anger control hypnosis MP3 and she and her husband worked together to improve their communication skills, her libido problem went away – as did her anger problem.


If You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Anger I Can Help.

If you find yourself losing your temper for no reason, snapping at your loved ones or displaying passive aggressive behaviour, hypnosis is really effective for anger management.

Give me a call today or contact me via my contact page and we can discuss your requirements.