Congratulations! If this happens you were in a deep state of hypnosis. In fact you should be very proud because that means you are a natural somnambulist – that is, a person who is very easily hypnotized.

You can be in a light state of trance or a deep state of trance and either way, your subconscious mind will be open and receptive to the suggestions I give it.

There are certain feelings and sensations that tell you whether or not you are in a hypnotic trance and you can read about these on my ‘what does hypnosis feel like’ page and my ‘how will I know if I’m hypnotized’ page.


The Deepest Level Of Trance

Explanation of delta trance state

The deepest level of trance is called ‘Delta’. Delta is the last stage before sleep, and you might feel as though you actually ARE asleep – but you’re not. I once had a client who was deeply hypnotized within two minutes of me starting to talk – every time.

And yet during each and every one of his sessions, I was able to get feedback from him that indicated he (or rather his subconscious) was absorbing every word I was saying. Each time he came out of trance he could never recall what had gone on during the session. But the results spoke for themselves and he was a satisfied customer who went on to refer many of his friends to me.

So what I’m saying is that you can still concentrate even in the deepest state of trance – only it is not your conscious mind that is paying attention, it is your subconscious – and that’s the whole point of the exercise!


Make Sure Your Hypnotherapist Is Accredited.

It’s a big commitment making a decision to see a hypnotherapist. So make sure you do your homework so you can be completely satisfied that you have made the right choice. Your therapist must have the right credentials. Check her qualifications and make sure she knows her stuff before booking your session. You can use hypnotherapy to help you with:

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