Improve Your Relationships With Hypnosis

You may need some relationship help if you’re having a hard time getting along with other people or you don’t know how to manage conflict. As Jean-Paul Sartre said: ‘hell is other people’.

Wouldn’t it be great if other people could see things the way you do? Well the good news is you CAN enjoy happy and harmonious relationships with other people – but only by working on yourself first.


It All Starts With You…



How I Can Help

Once you develop a better relationship with yourself you’ll start to get along much better with others. Hypnotherapy for relationships can help if you want to:

  • Find a partner;
  • Get over your ex;
  • Work on problems in your marriage or relationship;
  • Get along better with others;
  • Deal with being bullied at work


Getting Over Heartbreak

Hypnosis for heartbreak is becoming more and more popular. Almost 30% of my clients know someone from their past who is stopping them from being happy in the present. This could be:

  • A person you’re still in love with;
  • Someone who hurt you so badly that you don’t have faith in your ability to have another successful relationship;
  • Someone who still ‘pushes your buttons’ and makes you angry whenever you see them;
  • A person whom you feel is leading you on or manipulating you for their own gain


Even though you may no longer be in contact with this person, they still have power over you in some way. Hypnotherapy can help you keep the learning from past relationships while detaching from the negative emotions and memories. You can let go of all the unwanted baggage so you can move on in a positive and constructive way.

Marriage Or Relationship Problems

our hypnotherapist explains tips you can use to improve your relationship

If you’re having trouble getting on with your significant other, I can work with you to gain clarity about the situation. You will learn the myths and facts about relationships and how when you work on yourself, this often has a positive ripple effect on those around you.

Hypnosis gives you the best chance of making your relationship work if there’s still a chance. Regardless, you will be able to make decisions about your current relationship rather than sitting on the fence because you think there’s nothing better out there for you.

Did you know that 95% of people would rather make a bad decision than face the unknown? With the help of a hypnotherapy expert you can gain the confidence and clarity to make the right decision for you. If you decide to leave your relationship you will be doing so from a place of power rather than from a place of fear.


Office Politics And Bullying

Almost everybody knows somebody who annoys or upsets them. If you’re dealing with a workplace bully or somebody who is making your life difficult, hypnosis can help.

I will teach you to stand your ground in a positive respectful manner that allows you to get your needs met in a  subtle and effective way.

I will also help you improve your confidence. This will enhance your ability to communicate assertively, take control of the situation and manage any conflicts effectively.

You will no longer be afraid to speak up whether that be asking for what you need, bringing up a difficult topic or making positive suggestions in the workplace.


Hypnosis Helps You Become The Person You Want To Be

If interpersonal relationships are hard for you, chances are your confidence and self-esteem could use a boost. Shyness or social phobia is often misunderstood by others for arrogance or aloofness. Hypnosis helps you be more approachable and friendly towards others.

If you struggle to connect with people I can help you to reach out, make friends and communicate with confidence and conviction. Hypnosis can help a closed heart open up. Read more about it here.


Self-Hypnosis Can Help With Relationship Issues

Don’t have time to see me? You can change your mindset from the comfort of your own home. Choose from these popular hypnotherapy products to improve your relationships or find love:

  • Get Over Your Ex Hypnosis MP3;
  • Forgiveness Hypnosis MP3;
  • Attract A Partner Hypnosis MP3;
  • Be Assertive Hypnosis MP3;

How Patrick Saved His Marriage

Patrick came to see me after he had an affair. He wanted to save his 18 year marriage and make sure he didn’t make the same mistake a second time.

We explored the reasons why Patrick felt the need to stray from his marriage and uncovered the beliefs and mindsets that were causing him to self-sabotage.

He was able to understand what deeper need he had been fulfilling by having an affair and find better ways to manage that need that didn’t involve hurting his family.Last I heard, Patrick and his wife have deepened their relationship and come out the other end even stronger.


You Can Enjoy Healthy And Happy Relationships

If you have trouble forming or keeping relationships that are important to you, or if you are experiencing difficulties communicating with others, you may benefit from some relationship help.

If you would like my help see my contact page for details on how to get in touch with me.