One of the most common myths about hypnotherapy is that you have to be completely spaced out or in another world for it to work. Not true! 

In fact many of my first time clients have expressed concern about having remembered everything that went on in the session, despite me having explained exactly what it would feel like beforehand.

If you want to know exactly what you SHOULD be experiencing during hypnosis you should read my ‘what does hypnosis feel like’ page and my ‘how will I know if I’m hypnotized’ page.


You Don’t Have To Be Clucking Like A Chicken

True and false things that are known about hypnotherapy

The effects of hypnosis are much more subtle than that. Not only is it normal to hear and remember everything that goes on in your session, but it’s also normal to feel as though you could open your eyes at any time – because you CAN.

You are in control when you’re in a state of trance. You can stop the session, open your eyes and walk out of the room any time you please. You won’t want to, though. The experience of hypnosis is so delicious that you’ll want to stay there forever – but don’t worry, I won’t let you!


There Are Several Levels Of Trance

The first level of trance is called ‘Alpha’, and in this stage you are very relaxed but aware at the same time. So if this is all you’re experiencing that’s perfectly okay. Let it be what it is and give your subconscious mind time to process the messages it has been given.

You won’t be disappointed. There are deeper levels of trance as well and all levels are equally effective in helping you to make powerful and positive changes in your life. You will reach the deeper states soon enough – patience and practice is the key!


You Should Always Choose A Qualified Hypnotherapist

To ease your mind when choosing a hypnotherapist you should always select someone who has the right credentials. Check where your potential therapist did her training and make sure it was with a government approved training organization.

Hypnosis is effecting in treating a wide range of conditions, including these:

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