Can Hypnotherapy Help Resolve Sexual Problems?

A good sex life is the reward and the fruit of a happy marriage, so difficulties with desire, arousal, or other psychological sexual problems require practical solutions. That little blue pill might be a happy remedy for some men, but it’s only a plaster over what is often a deep psychological wound in need of healing.

Problems in the bedroom can be amongst the most crippling for men and women, potentially damaging their self-esteem and even the relationship in addition to the immediate sexual problem(s).

Hypnotherapy can be effective at treating sexual problems for men and women, and it’s a method that can provide long-lasting satisfaction and restore your self-esteem while also bringing joy back into your bedroom.

Common Sexual Problems for Men & Women

Some of the more common sexual problems in men and women include:

  • Little to no desire/libido;
  • Pain during intercourse;
  • Difficult to achieve orgasm;
  • Inability to control ejaculation;
  • Inability to maintain an erection;
  • Inability to relax vaginal muscles.

Just one of these can cause serious damage to one’s self-esteem and lead to feelings of shame or disappointment, and a combination can surely be devastating.

There are many reasons why men and women develop these problems, but the results can be separated into two distinct but sometimes overlapping sides: physical and psychological.

Physical Factors and Psychological Factors

There is an obvious and sometimes not-so-obvious connection between physical and psychological factors that affect sexual behaviours in men and women. The difference is important to know, because treatment will largely depend on whether the problem is more deeply rooted in physical problems or psychological ones.

Psychological factors that lead to sexual problems can be deep-rooted in men and women. Past cases of trauma, or bad past experiences with another partner may contribute to problems with a current partner, for example.

What Can Hypnotherapy Do to Resolve Sexual Problems?

out first. Hypnosis cannot treat problems that are strictly physiological, such as vaginal pain or back pain during intercourse. These problems require treatments from your GP or a specialist doctor.

Problems that are rooted in the psychological side can be treated with hypnosis, and in many cases to great effect. Consider one of the more common problems for men, erectile dysfunction. Yes, it is physical if we’re talking about the erection itself, but fundamentally the problem often comes from psychological problems such as anxiety or low self-esteem for many men.

If a man has already ruled out physical reasons for erectile dysfunction, such as low testosterone levels or blood pressure problems, then the problem is most often psychological and thus can be treated effectively with hypnotherapy.

Men and women suffering from psychological impediments that detract from their ability to engage in healthy intercourse benefit from hypnotherapy because the therapist looks deep into the emotional and psychological triggers of these problems and work towards correcting them.

This is done using a combination of techniques that aim to increase relaxation, change patterns of past behaviour (trauma, cycles of low self-esteem, etc.), improve confidence and self-esteem, and a reduction in the stigma of bad emotions surrounding intercourse, such as guilt or shame, pressure, and more.

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