Social Anxiety: Can Hypnotherapy Help Resolve It?

Social anxiety is a disorder affecting millions of Australians, ranging from mild discomfort in social situations to crippling tension and stress. Is hypnotherapy capable of resolving social anxiety and helping individuals to live a more fulfilling life?

Prevalence of Anxiety in Australia

Anxiety is extremely common in Australia, particularly with the younger generations and women. According to 2020-2022 data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over one in every six Australians aged 16-85 suffered from anxiety in a 12-month period. For younger Australians aged 16-24, that rate jumps up significantly to one in every three. More than two in every five young Australian women have suffered from anxiety or currently suffer from it.

Social anxiety is a type of anxiety, and it exhibits similar symptoms such as tension or distress, avoidance of certain situations, and/or reduced interactions.

Underlying Causes of Social Anxiety

There are many possible causes for social anxiety, and it is often challenging to pinpoint one specific cause since a lot of the time it can come about from past trauma, a specific memory or event, or triggered by very specific social scenarios.

Notably, most individuals aged perhaps 35 and older may recall a time when phones were used to speak with others, but mobile phones today are seldom used for this “old-fashioned” purpose. Some younger people are terrified of answering a phone call and would much prefer SMS, WhatsApp, or a myriad of other methods of communicating than being live on the telephone.

Another common example of a scenario that could trigger social anxiety is perhaps a traumatic or highly embarrassing moment in the past, such as completely fumbling a school or work presentation in front of a large audience. Any future events that might remind the person of that event could paralyse them with fear, for example.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Reduce Social Anxiety

A common red thread running through many of the causes of social anxiety is that there are typically negative beliefs or feelings, subconscious fears, or past experiences that are triggered by a present circumstance.

Hypnotherapy happens to be quite effective at determining underlying triggers and causes, often buried deep within the subconscious mind and sometimes not easily defined by the individual suffering from social anxiety.

With the aid of a qualified hypnotherapist, individuals suffering from social anxiety may better understand and reconcile their feelings and emotions when faced with challenging scenarios in the future. In a way, hypnotherapy can help dismantle challenges and barriers holding the individual back, enabling those with social anxiety to better control their fear and anxiety so that they can feel empowered and make progress towards living a more fulfilling life.

Desensitisation and Self-Esteem

One strategy that many hypnotherapists use to resolve social anxiety is to desensitise individuals to the social situations that may be causing distress or tension.

Gradual desensitisation comes in tandem with confidence building to help the individual develop the emotional control and self-esteem needed to overcome what would otherwise be stressful and anxiety-inducing situations in the future.

Although social anxiety is widespread in Australia, particularly amongst women and younger cohorts aged 24 and younger, its many causes and triggers can make it complex to overcome. A hypnotherapist can provide lasting results.

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