How Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Relationship with Food

While the global pandemic may have waxed and waned, it’s left behind quite a few undesirable habits in many people. Too much time spent at home often leads to excessive snacking, and when combined with a lack of healthy exercise and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity and all of the health problems associated with obesity.

Struggling with disordered eating, whether it be eating too much or too little, can be a lot like struggling with going to the gym or out for a run regularly. Many times, it comes down to willpower and discipline, which themselves can be positively influenced with the assistance of a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist.

Why Do People Have Poor Eating Habits?

There are many reasons why people may have a poor relationship with food, and quite often the root causes are far removed from the food itself but are instead issues such as self-esteem, negative body image, and stress. Overeating can come from poor self-esteem; similarly, undereating may also come from a lack of self-esteem and a desire to appear as skinny as possible. Either way, the food itself is a means to an end.

Emotional Eating and Unhealthy Eating Habits

Individuals that suffer from emotional eating and many other unhealthy eating habits often do so for reasons such as stress, for comfort, relief, or if they need to cope with other emotional issues. Hypnotherapy does not directly address the specific quality, quantity, or time of day that you may be eating, but instead it addresses any underlying triggers that lead to the unwanted behaviour.

Hypnotherapy as a Solution to Poor Eating Habits

One of the biggest obstacles to unhealthy eating habits is the perceived ‘belief’ that a person has no willpower, much like it is for other unhealthy habits such as smoking. Perhaps you’re saying to yourself that you lack the willpower to start a healthy diet or to balance out your snacking with commensurate exercise. The more you believe that you’ll fail at a diet, for example, the more you may be prone to believing this type of self-fulfilling prophecy, thereby exacerbating the situation and sometimes leading to overindulging in your unhealthy habit.

Hypnotherapy tries to correct this way of thinking by getting to the underlying emotional triggers in the subconscious and swapping out negative triggers with positive affirmations that can empower you to start leading change in your lifestyle. 

In a world with so many diet fads, many of which are either completely ineffective or complete money grabs (and often, there’s a big overlap between the two), it’s often not worth the time, effort, money and frustration to jump aboard the next big diet fad. Hypnotherapy is comparatively far more affordable and can be far more effective in achieving the desired results.

With regular hypnotherapy sessions, you may feel more inclined to give up excessive snacking, binge eating, or any other unhealthy habit you may have developed. Just like how it likely didn’t get to this point overnight, it will take time and gradual effort to correct the behaviour. To this end, hypnotherapy may prove to be highly effective for your circumstances. Although it is not guaranteed to work for everyone for every single circumstance, it is certainly worthwhile to schedule a consultation with a professional hypnotherapist.

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