How Hypnotherapy Can Resolve and Manage Problematic Anger

As a fundamental emotional response, anger is part of what makes us human yet it can likewise cause disarray and harm to oneself and to others. Managing anger is important for improving overall life quality and well-being, and for some, this may seem to come naturally whilst for others it can be a struggle.

Hypnotherapy can be highly effective at managing problematic bouts of anger and assisting individuals in living more fulfilling lives by reducing the causes and triggers of anger and encouraging the individual to respond to that primordial feeling with tact and responsibility.

What is Anger?

Anger is one of the most powerful emotions, and quite honestly we have probably all felt it at some point in our lives. The Stoic philosopher Seneca wrote the following treatise nearly two thousand years ago on that same emotion:

“Certain wise men, therefore, have claimed that anger is temporary madness. For it is equally devoid of self-control, forgetful of decency, unmindful of ties, persistent and diligent in whatever it begins, closed to reason and counsel, excited by trifling causes, unfit to discern the right and true … But you have only to behold the expressions of those possessed by anger to know that they are insane.”

Seneca, De Ira (On Anger)

When Anger Becomes a Problem

While liberties can be taken with the above interpretation, it is important to distinguish between anger as it is felt and anger as it manifests. To feel anger at injustice may be perfectly normal, perfectly human, but to release anger in bouts of violence can be regretful at the very least and criminal if it leads to assault or other grievances.

Leaving aside the potentially criminal consequences of anger, highly problematic expressions of anger can likewise lead to many other personal and interpersonal problems, destroy friendships and relationships, ruin careers and reputations, and more.

Is Anger Temporary Madness?

The cartoon-ish caricature of turning red in the face is something that many can relate to, and the rush of emotions can sometimes ‘take the wheel’ and override any sense of rationality. It is this type of reaction to anger, which is itself a normal and fine emotion to experience, that can cause tremendous problems and be akin to a sort of temporary madness when taken to extremes.

Hypnotherapy and Anger Management

There are many reasons why that feeling of anger or irritation might be triggered, but a lot of the time these are feelings that many others would feel as well. Often what is crucial to address is the response to anger, how you react when that feeling is triggered. If you felt angry because the queue at the supermarket was taking too long but did nothing, would anyone notice? If instead you flailed your arms and made hand gestures and began cursing at the cashier, it would certainly be made clear.

Hypnotherapy can be highly effective at treating your response to anger and irritation, giving you a greater sense of self-control and the feeling of empowerment, so that you can react reasonably to that feeling without allowing the emotion to take over. This is achieved by entering into a state of hypnosis and allowing the hypnotherapist to insert positive suggestions and reinforcement of your ability to think rationally, which can in turn lead to gradual management of anger when it does arise.

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