Why Asking ‘Why?’ is the Most Important Technique in Sonia’s Hypnotherapy

Of all the questions one can ask in just about any context, few questions explain as much as the why. The who, where, when, how, and other such simple questions can often be important, but the why provides a much deeper understanding for the intents and motives of the individual.

In hypnotherapy, understanding why behaviours emerge in individuals is critical. It’s one thing to know that an individual suffers from a cigarette or alcohol addiction, or perhaps wishes to lose weight or is feeling stress from work, but a failure to understand why these feelings emerge and manifest themselves will do little to address the triggers for the individual’s behaviour.

My Clinical Hypnosis Methodology

As a hypnotherapist, my job is to understand the why for your behaviour. Perhaps you wish to eat a healthier diet and find yourself snacking too much since the pandemic started from the comfort of home office.

“Just eat more veggies!” While such a statement might be true, that eating more veggies would be a good solution to your unhealthy eating habits, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be effective. On the contrary, it probably won’t get anywhere since you yourself most likely know this!

This would be like telling a smoker to “just don’t smoke.” Well, obviously! Choosing to consciously pursue a healthier diet, to continue with the above example, means reprogramming your behaviour from the roots. In the end, your behaviour will change provided that you put in the willpower – all because the triggers for unhealthy eating have been delved into below the surface level.

What’s Sitting at the ‘Surface Level?’

You might think of hypnotherapy as a tool that can dig deep into the roots of behaviours so that solutions can be devised to correct certain unwanted behaviours. This involves going below the surface, but what’s the surface?

At the very top is the manifested behaviour. The smoker that wishes to quit lighting up a cigarette, the unhealthy binge eater picking up a packet of crisps, and so on. Below this, however, are a myriad of layers that differ from person to person and case by case. Some of these layers include societal factors, vanity and self-image, interpersonal relationships (family, friends, colleagues, etc.), culture, and beliefs.

For example, if you live in a household with others that eat an unhealthy diet frequently, you may feel more inclined to indulge in this behaviour, too. You feel less of a stigma to binge eat when others are doing the same and there is little to no fear of the repercussions of your behaviour to others in your closest circles.

Digging Deep with the Question ‘Why?’

After meeting with a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, they should have gathered enough about your circumstances by asking the deeper why questions.

Why do you feel the need to binge eat?

Why do you eat this snack rather than that snack (perhaps something healthier)?

Why do you feel the way you do around your family or friends and how does that affect your behaviour?

My method of hypnosis uses these types of questions in order to access what’s ‘under the hood,’ so to speak, and to address the deep underlying beliefs and urges that trigger your unwanted behaviour so that we can develop an adequate set of solutions that can give lasting success.

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