How Hypnotherapy Can Help Resolve Drug Addiction

The topic of drug addiction is certainly a controversial one, but hopefully all can agree that seeking effective treatment is a net positive for the individual and for society. Depending on the drug and many other factors surrounding the individual, treatment options can vary widely. Is hypnotherapy effective at overcoming an addiction to substance use?

What is Drug Addiction?

To a hypnotherapist, a drug addiction is seen as a compulsive addiction whereby an individual is chronically seeking and using substances despite their adverse health consequences. These substances may be legal or illegal, but it does not matter in the context of seeking treatment.

Typically, illicit substances can cause mild to severe adverse health problems, depending on dosage, frequency, and many other factors. Legal substances such as alcohol, while more socially tolerated, can exhibit similar adverse health problems when consumed irresponsibly.

Why Do People Take Drugs?

Normally, people take drugs for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To feel better
  • To feel intense feelings
  • To perform better
  • Due to social pressure or genuine curiosity

None of these seem bad at all, so why is drug addiction seen as a bad thing? The problem is that the addiction can lead to several dangerous long-term health effects, including death. Continuous use of methamphetamines or alcohol, for example, can have disastrous effects on the mind and body. Sometimes, even infrequent use can be severely dangerous or lethal, as in the case of fentanyl, a street drug that has a low threshold for lethal overdoses.

Are All Drug Addictions Alike?

No. Drug addiction varies a lot. Depending on the individual and their willpower, the drug in question, frequency of use, and the dosage taken, the addiction may present itself in an obvious manner or it may not be evident at all that the individual suffers from an addiction.

Infrequent use of party drugs like MDMA or ecstasy, for example, may not lead to addiction and may be nothing to worry about. Individuals that consume these substances frequently, however, experience diminishing returns on the euphoria felt and may increase their dosage in order to relive their “first high.”

In many cases, individuals suffering from an addiction should seek treatment options from a medical professional. Chronic use of drugs like marijuana or alcohol, for example, can be treated with hypnotherapy, whereas chronic use of methamphetamines or other hard street drugs should be treated by a medical professional.

Can Hypnotherapy Resolve Drug Addiction?

Hypnotherapy can be very successful at resolving drug addiction, but there are many factors to consider and results are never guaranteed. In some instances, hypnotherapy can help patients feel the willpower needed to overcome substance abuse, but in some cases, it may be impossible to reach a state of hypnosis.

Severe drug addiction, especially to powerful narcotics such as methamphetamines, can cause severe brain damage or mental illness whereby the patient cannot be put into a state of hypnosis at all. In these instances, it is highly recommended that you speak with a medical professional and seek counselling.

If medical treatment is needed, e.g. prescription pills or other detoxification methods, these can be effective at minimising relapse and lessening consumption of the substance. When the addiction is not so severe as to be an immediate life-or-death situation, hypnotherapy can show impressive results since it implants and suggests ideas into the subconscious which can then strengthen the individual’s willpower.

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