Hypnosis For Gaming Addiction Melbourne

Hypnotherapy for internet gaming addiction

Hypnosis is becoming increasingly popular for treating gaming addiction. The internet is a big part of our lives and allows us to stay connected with the outside world.

But it’s also a double-edged sword and has resulted in the serious and growing global phenomenon of internet addiction.


What is Internet Gaming Disorder?

Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD), is now recognised as a mental health condition that can have major negative impact on a person’s wellbeing.

Here are some warning signs:

  • Preoccupation or obsession with gaming;
  • Using gaming to soothe negative feelings or moods;
  • Negative impact on significant relationships;
  • Inability to cut down or stop gaming


As with any addiction, if the activity is having a negative impact on your life or on the lives of those around you, then it’s a fair bet to say that you have a problem.


The More You Do It…

The thing about gaming, is that it’s like any other addiction…it serves a deeper need, and it’s just a symptom of other underlying subconscious factors.

When you get lost in gaming, it can be kind of and escape or a way to feel good; therefore, the more you do it, the more you want to do it.

The urge to play the game takes over to the degree that you honestly believe you must satisfy that urge immediately. Sometimes, you may even believe that urge will go on forever, and the only solution is to satisfy it.

This becomes a vicious cycle which, if left untreated can turn into a deeply conditioned subconscious response. You find yourself more and more compelled to feed your addiction so that it gains more and more power over you.


Are You At Risk?

Studies have shown that make adolescents between the ages of 16 and 18 are most at risk for developing IGD.

People get addicted to online games because they get to socialize with other gamers online. It’s often referred to as ‘internet paradox’ because the very thing that has been designed to advance communication between people, ends up making them more isolated in real life.

In fact, many gamers may substitute or compensate for the lack of real-life relationships by developing online relationships, which are often more convenient and allow for some degree of anonymity.


How Hypnosis Can Help

Most addictions are self-soothing mechanisms and Internet Gaming Addiction is no exception.

At one point in your life you developed a subconscious belief that the best way to manage your unresolved emotions was to lose yourself or escape into the gaming world.

Then, there was a turning point where you knew on some level that the behaviour was not really helping and in fact was probably hindering your happiness, you still felt that you couldn’t change things because it felt like an automatic subconscious response.

Habits can be broken and so can addictions, but you have to treat the problem holistically. You must treat the symptom (gaming) as well as the cause (unresolved emotions).

A qualified hypnotherapist in Melbourne can help you to stop smoking hypnosis in Melbourne, stop feeding your addiction to gaming and find more positive ways to live your life.