Phil’s Weight Loss Hypnosis Testimonial

How Phil Conquered His Binge Demons

You may have read Phil’s previous testimonial where he came to see me for stress and anxiety. He had such great results that he finally felt ready to tackle is weight problem.

Phil, like many people, had been using food to soothe his emotions, binge eating on a regular basis. As a result his weight was spiralling out of control.

He knew what he needed to do; he just couldn’t seem to find the strength or the motivation to actually get going.

Phil’s ‘Before’ Photo

Hypnosis to lose weight Phil had tried absolutely everything. He had tried, diet and exercise of course; yet he just couldn’t seem to stick to anything long enough for the weight to budge. He had been binge eating for so long it just felt like a part of him that he could never get rid of.

The photo on the right shows Phil at his heaviest – and as you can see in the video above he has lost a whopping 12 kilos and is still losing even more!

Despite ‘trying’ to lose weight in the past, Phil reported that after having hypnosis he didn’t have to try any more. That is to say, eating healthy foods and exercising became the norm for him, almost overnight.

Phil’s transformation was very quick, and I believe it was because he had seen me previously to deal with the stress and anxiety. Once all that was sorted, the weight came off easily.

Phil Enthusiastically Endorses Hypnosis!

Phil had such huge success with hypnotherapy, both to help him overcome his personal life struggles and for weight loss that he recommended many of his friends and family to me.

I continue to stay in contact with Phil and last time I saw him, he was telling me that he had one of what had previously been his ‘favourite lollies’ (Aniseed jellies I believe), yet when he put it into his mouth he didn’t even like the taste!

Phil continues to lose weight and is doing extremely well. If you would like me to help you with your weight problem via hypnosis please call or email me via my contact page. Who knows? You may even feature here on my weight loss testimonials page!