Phil’s Story: ‘Wound Up Like A Tight Spring’

Phil’s hypnosis success story began when he sent me an email explaining his situation. He was a full time carer for his ill wife as well as another family member, and after several years of this, felt completely lost within himself.

In Phil’s world, others always came first. He’d never really learnt how to set boundaries or ask for what he needed and as a result, he was now paying for it big time, with declining emotional and physical health.

He was suffering from irritability, anxiety and depression, and despite his doctor’s recommendation that he go on medication, Phil intuitively knew there had to be a better way. Working with a qualified hypnotherapist seemed like a much better approach to him.

“This is the way I’ve always been…”

Intellectually, Phil knew that in order to take care of others, he must first take care of himself. The problem was he was so accustomed to avoiding conflict and not rocking the boat, he just couldn’t imagine living his life any other way.

‘I’ve always been like this. How on Earth am I going to change now?’ he said. I explained how many of his unwanted beliefs and behaviour patterns had been established well before the age of five, and that just because they had been there for a long time, didn’t mean they could not be broken.

I told him that in fact the opposite was true; that they could be removed easily and successfully by accessing the subconscious via hypnotherapy. I did the first hypnosis session with him and set some personal development homework for him, and then sent him on his way.

When we met again one week later, he looked a whole lot brighter. He reported that he had been sleeping much better and didn’t feel resentful or anxious all the time. Things had definitely shifted!

Hypnotherapy Facilitates Rapid And Lasting Change

After just two sessions, Phil was ready to take on the world. Not only had he changed his attitude, but people around him had started to change too. Those who had treated him like a doormat in the past began to show respect. He began to establish a real sense of self-assurance and inner peace.

In fact, the successful transformation that had resulted in Phil’s hypnotherapy sessions were beginning to have a trickle down effect in every area of his life. He declared that it was time to lose some weight, and that I was just the person to help him. We made another booking with a view to helping Phil reach and maintain his ideal weight.Watch this space!