Why Is Healthy Eating So Hard?

If you think eating healthy is too hard you’re among the large percentage of our population who would rather eat whatever they want even when they know this will jeopardize their health.

So many people wanting to lose weight become mesmerised with the myriad of diet shakes, fat burning pills and so-called ‘fat-free’ products tempting them with their flash packaging and empty promises.

People who eat healthy, mostly unprocessed foods such as vegetables, proteins and good fats often find that they can eat as much as they want without gaining weight.

So even if you have a large appetite, you can still stay slim if you make the right choices. A nutrient dense diet will leave you feeling fuller much longer than one that made up of processed foods.


Proper Nutrition Is Paramount

In his book ‘Perfect Health Diet’, Paul Jaminet suggests that the one of the reasons why obese people find it so hard to gain control of their weight is that many times the quality of their diet is so poor that when they reduce calories they actually experience a kind of malnutrition, which just makes them compelled to eat even more.

He says that not only is correct nutrition is the key to health and longevity (no surprises there), but it is also the key to sustainable weight loss. His diet recommendations include a good portion of healthy fats and about 30% of safe starches like rice and potatoes.

So it would seem that in many it isn’t simply a case of willpower that stops you from losing weight; the kinds of foods you put into your body will affect your insulin levels to such a degree that they can play a huge role in keeping your cravings at bay.


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If It Comes In Packet Beware

Heavily processed foods are not only low in nutritional value, but they don’t tend to satisfy our hunger so we eat more of them. They’re made from refined ingredients that are so tasteless they need large amounts of salt, sugar, fat, and high-priced advertising to make them attractive.

In our quick fix society, we have become somewhat obsessed with processed foods that have been modified to last longer and be more convenient to store and use. But what price can you put on your own health?

Packaged foods often contain harmful additives and while they may on the surface appear simple to prepare and cheap, you are simply not getting the nutrition you need to sustain a healthy weight

The time and money that you allegedly save today from consuming processed foods may later have to be used in trips to the doctor and expensive medical bills. Sooner or later you’re going to have to pay the piper. The question is; do you want to pay now, or do you want to pay later?


Quick And Cheap Vs. Expensive And Time Consuming

It is true; buying fresh, non-processed foods can often work out to be more expensive than living on processed foods. So it’s no wonder that so many struggling families choose the easier option.

It’s a shame that this is the way it is, because unless you really look at the statistics that show eating a poor diet costs us more as a nation, why would you change?

Last but not least, eating a healthy diet is too hard for most of us because high-fat and high-calorie foods taste so good. If you choose to take care of your health, you will be in a minority – and that in itself can be challenging!

If you really want to take control of your health you’ll need to be willing to look at the bigger picture and step away from the pack. Eat well now to save heartache down the track.