Five Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Hypnosis is a recognised therapy for many physical and mental conditions. The idea is that the hypnotic state makes a person more responsive to suggestions of change. It can therefore be used to change old habits and help form new ones that are healthier or more beneficial.

Hypnotherapy can be used for the treatment of many problems. Read on for five ways that hypnotherapy can help you.

01. Weight loss

Most people know how to lose weight. But it is not that simple. If it was just that they needed to eat the right things and exercise then we wouldn’t have the obesity crisis that we are presently faced with in so many communities.The fact is, there is a step before the ‘How’ and that is the mental step. Through hypnosis, your therapist can help you get to the bottom of ‘Why’ you can’t lose weight and help change your mindset for the better.

02. Quitting smoking

Every smoker knows that smoking can kill. It is after all declared on every pack of cigarettes that they buy. However, it is still extremely hard for them to quit. With all the will in the world, most smokers who decide to quit find it difficult to follow through. It can take numerous attempts before they are successful. Through hypnosis, you can build up the courage and the conviction to quit for good.

03. Anger management

Feeling out of control rage or strong emotions and not knowing how to manage them can be destructive to yourself and to your closest relationships. Most of our problems with emotions go back to when we were very young. Hypnotherapy can help address the root causes of your emotional imbalance and help you accept and address your feelings to your benefit.

04. Help with PTSD symptoms

PTSD can be debilitating for people who face it on a daily basis. Sights, sounds, smells and certain touches or even tastes can all act as triggers for someone who has PTSD. Through hypnotherapy, you are repeatedly exposed to your triggers so that you can come to terms with them and have some form of closure. Not doing so can have disastrous consequences and can derail someone’s personal relationships, career and health.

05. Intimacy problems

Sexual problems are more common than people will often admit, and more and more people are turning to hypnotherapy for solutions. Whether you find sex painful or have low libido, or you cannot maintain an erection – if all medical issues are ruled out – then it is likely to be a psycological issue. Your hypnotherapist can help you get to the bottom of it so that you can restore your confidence and self esteem inside the bedroom and out.


Help with weight loss, intimacy, smoking and anger are just some of the ways hypnotherapy can change your life. The fact is, it is a tried and tested solution that can work for many ailments that are rooted in the mind.

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