Am I Codependent With My Partner?

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How To Tell If You’re In a Co-Dependant Relationship

Do you feel like you’re always ‘rescuing’ your partner from emotional distress? Are you always the one who picks up the pieces, while your partner is emotionally unstable most of the time?

If so, your relationship may not be as healthy as you might think. If you’re always putting your partner’s needs before your own or frequently making excuses for their bad behaviour, these are signs of co-dependency.

Sometimes, playing the role of the carer or the rescuer can be quite addictive. When another person relies on you as a crutch it can fulfil a deeper need inside you that is not always emotionally healthy.

Co-dependency can sometimes be hard to spot when you’re in the thick of it. If you want to know more about it, here’s a comprehensive article that offers some valuable insight. Read more about co-dependency here.

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