Durry No More: How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Quit Smoking

Long gone are the days when clever marketing and physicians recommended cigarettes for health reasons. Even back then, the “9 out of 10 doctors recommend [insert brand here]” only made one wonder who the other doctor was that was going “against the science.” Regardless, so much is known about the dangers of smoking that it shouldn’t be news, yet even with all that’s known the habit can be a real tough one to kick to the kerb.

Methods of Smoking Cessation

There are many ways to quit smoking in Melbourne, but depending on the individual and the willingness to quit, each may have mixed results. Cold turkey? It might have worked for a friend of yours, but it’s extremely challenging for most smokers to say the least.

Alternatives such as the ‘patch’ and chewing gum also have mixed results. They work well for some individuals, but for others they achieve relatively little since the habit is not so much tied to nicotine addiction but perhaps to the social factor, the habit of holding a durry between the fingers, and so on.

Hypnotherapy has long been touted as a viable method of quitting smoking, and similar to other methods, can have mixed results depending on the individual. Note, however, that hypnotherapy can address not only the immediate urge, that craving to light one up, but reach deeper down into the subconscious triggers that cause the cravings in the first place. Your mileage may vary, but we strongly recommend trying out a few sessions as it can be a cost-effective and long-term solution that works – without relapse.

Targeting the Triggers Rather than the Immediate Urge

Hypnotherapy works by digging deeper under the surface for what makes you consistently pick up that smoke and puff away. Perhaps you’ve picked up the habit as a teenager and it’s so ingrained that you don’t really think about it anymore. This is what we call a habit smoker. You may not have any emotional attachment to smoking, and perhaps the nicotine addiction is present but the triggers are what really make you smoke time and again.

Triggers could be making a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, having a beer with your mates at the pub, overcoming boredom or anger, or if you get a ‘smoke break’ at work and just want to pass the time with colleagues outside. Whatever the trigger(s) may be, removing them can be far more effective than if someone were to simply snatch your cigarettes from you (not recommended).

To address these triggers, we recommend at least trying hypnotherapy as it can work wonders at digging into your subconscious and pulling the plug on the source of your trigger points.

Pay As You Go

We want to remain transparent with you about our sessions and pricing. Listen, it makes no sense to book a dozen sessions if the first one proves completely ineffective. That’s why we offer clients a pay as you go service whereby you book your first session, evaluate the results on your own, and we’ll help you along the way with MP3 recordings to calm your urges once you’re back home.

If you’re noticing some movement towards the right direction (quitting), come back to us for follow up sessions until you’ve fully quit and you’re breathing clean air once again.

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