Pros And Cons Of Quitting Cigarettes Cold Turkey


If you’re thinking about giving up smoking cold turkey style, you’re probably wondering what you’re getting yourself into.

Relying on Willpower Alone is a Tough Call

It can be really hard quitting cigarettes with nothing but your own willpower – especially if you believe you don’t have the willpower to quit.

If you have read my article about subconscious beliefs and how they shape your world, you’ll know that if you continually think or say you have no willpower that will become your reality – and therefore you won’t be successful at quitting cold turkey.

On the other hand if you do believe you are strong enough to quit on your own, you will. In fact many of my clients only see me for one session and end up doing just that; never touching a cigarette again as long as they live.


What You Need To Know About Going Cold Turkey

The evidence suggests that this method isn’t the best way to quit; less than 5% of smokers succeed this way. I should know – they come to see me as a last resort after having tried everything else under the sun to ditch the fags.

When you go cold turkey you could be in for a rough time especially if you’re an anxiety smoker. Anxiety smokers do it tough with cold turkey because they’re using smoking to fill a deeper need, such as to deal with stress, boredom or loneliness.

However, if you’re a habit smoker who smokes less than 10 cigarettes a day you may as well try it – it is, after all, the cheapest method of quitting.

If you absolutely have to give up cigarettes because you’re pregnant or about to have major surgery, then this is an added incentive and some people do really well. I’ve seen female clients who were able to quit just like that once they found out they were pregnant.

On the other hand I once saw a man who was about to lose his leg from diabetes and that still wasn’t enough to scare him into quitting.


Bottom Line: You Have To Want To Quit.

Tips For Going Cold Turkey:

How to give up smoking cold-turkey

  • Decide when you’re going to quit and prepare for it. There’s never a right time to quit so don’t keep putting it off. Just bite the bullet and do it;
  • Throw away your cigarettes, lighters and matches;
  • Try to stay away from other smokers as much as you can. No point putting yourself in the face of temptation if you don’t have to;
  • If you love a smoke with a drink, stay away from the pub for a while, just until you get used to the idea of being a non-smoker


If you do decide you need a little extra help giving up smoking and you don’t want to suffer through another cold turkey I’m always here. Feel free to contact me here and make an appointment. Have a great day!