Your Smoking Problem Is All In Your Head


The purpose of stop smoking hypnotherapy is to find your blocks to quitting and eliminate them for good. But sometimes despite having been successful, you might slip up.

Slipping up down the track isn’t actually that much of a problem – it’s the way you THINK about that slip up that gets you into hot water.

Many ex-smokers engage in all-or-nothing thinking, and that’s when they become their own worst enemy.


You’re Either A Smoker….Or You’re Not.

If you are a reformed smoker, you can’t just have one. I’ve seen it happen enough times to know this is true.

In fact, on the odd occasion that one of my former clients calls me up to say ‘Sonia, I need another session’, here’s how the conversation usually goes:

ME: ‘What happened?’

CLIENT: ‘Well I stayed off the cigarettes for 2 years!

ME: ‘Great! Good for you. …and then???’

CLIENT: ‘…and then I was out at the pub one night and I had a few drinks. Everyone around me was smoking and I thought – what the hell, I’m a non-smoker now – I’ll just have one’.


You Can Never (EVER) Just Have One.

Why people use hypnosis to give up smoking

That’s a fact. If you’ve been addicted to cigarettes in the past there is no way, no how you can ever touch a cigarette again. No matter how long you’ve been off them and how strong you feel, you can’t go there.

So isn’t this an example of all-or-nothing thinking?’ Well…yes, but not the kind that gets you into trouble. What really gets you into trouble are these two beliefs:


If I Pick Up A Cigarette Today, I MUST Pick Up A Cigarette Tomorrow.

Not true. Think about it logically; you’ve come all this way and survived days, weeks and months without so much of a puff; why all of a sudden do you need one tomorrow?

Give me a call and we’ll sort it out. I never do the same session with the one client twice and I may need to do some digging around to find out why you sabotaged yourself – but I WILL find it. A relapse isn’t the end of the world, and you can be a non-smoker again.


If I Pick Up A Cigarette Today, I MUST Go Back To Smoking 25 Per Day

Also false. Almost every time I question my relapsed client about what happened, I’ll say ‘did you use the quit smoking hypnosis MP3 I gave you?’ The answer is almost always ‘no’. This is because the all-or-nothing mentality kicks in and you say ‘nothing will work.’

Don’t think that once you slip up, that you have to just throw your hands in the air and immediately go back to the number of cigarettes per day you used to smoke.

If you haven’t touched a cigarette for 2 years and you happen to smoke one, why torture yourself and undo all that hard work? This all-or-nothing mindset is your biggest enemy – but stop smoking hypnotherapy can banish your enemy and make sure you stay a happy, healthy non-smoker.

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