Low Self-Esteem? How Hypnotherapy Can Restore Your Confidence

Confidence and healthy self-esteem are states of being that are often outwardly evident; the opposite is also often true, with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence manifesting in undesirable behaviours. One of the first things you should do if you yourself suffer from low self-esteem is to seek assistance. Equally, parents should endeavour to notice signs and symptoms in their children and seek appropriate treatment.

Restoring confidence and self-esteem can be quite a challenge, however, since the underlying causes of low self-esteem and confidence are more psychological than physical. 

That being said, prescription medication might help to ‘level out’ some of the symptoms and prevent undesirable behaviours like self-harm or thoughts of suicide, but there are many other forms of treatment that do not require the intervention of medication that can have long-lasting and positive results such as hypnotherapy.

What Does Low Self-Esteem Look Like?

Low self-esteem manifests itself in myriad ways, many of which are often obvious to friends and family. Sometimes, it isn’t obvious at all yet no less important to treat. In either case, two of the main causes of low self-esteem come from not feeling “good enough” in society or that you don’t “measure up” to the expectations of friends, family, society, or what the media tell you.

Why Treatment is Necessary

Low confidence and self-esteem, when occurring chronically and not just when you’re having a ‘bad day,’ can have more serious consequences if untreated. Perhaps you worry too much about your appearance or you’re worried about sharing your thoughts on social media because you’re terrified of feeling ostracised or not ‘fitting in’ with your circle of friends and/or family. Perpetual feelings of low self-esteem may become depression.

Nearly 1 in every 4 Australian adolescents experience depression, especially girls, at some point in adolescence. The consequences of untreated depression can range from mild feelings to self-harm or even worse, so it best to nip these thoughts in the bud by seeking treatment for low self-esteem sooner rather than later.

Can Hypnotherapy Resolve Problems with Confidence & Self-Esteem?

Yes, hypnotherapy has long been used as a valid and effective treatment solution for individuals suffering from confidence and self-esteem problems. Since the root causes are psychological, hypnotherapy can have excellent positive results in addressing the underlying triggers for feelings of being insufficient or not accepted in society, for example.

This is not a guarantee of its success, however. Sometimes, medication may be necessary and therefore a psychiatrist should be consulted. Nevertheless, hypnotherapy often has positive results for patients without the need for any intervention. In other words, if it doesn’t work, you won’t have put anything undesirable in your body nor do you have to undergo surgery or anything of the sort.

How Can Hypnotherapy Improve Confidence & Self-Esteem?

By addressing the underlying triggers for feelings of insufficiency, the hypnotherapist can help you discover on your own the reasons why you feel this way. Often, the expectations of society – and especially those shown in the media and in Hollywood films, for example – are so high that they are outright unrealistic. Nevertheless, many of us fall prey to these psychological tricks and start to feel that we’re not ‘good enough.’

Fashion advertising works in exactly this manner. They don’t simply want you to buy their new handbag or suit; rather, the psychologists that create fashion adverts want you to feel like you’re not ‘good enough’ and only by purchasing this or that fashion accessory will you approximate the beauty of the model on the photo.

Your hypnotherapist will use techniques to help you identify your inner confidence and to push aside ‘fake’ confidence, thereby improving your self-esteem.

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