Weight Loss Help From Your Hypnotherapist

I can help you with weight loss hypnosis even if you’ve tried everything else and failed. I’m usually the last port of call for people in Melbourne who have been bled dry by every pill, potion and fad diet on the market.

What you probably don’t realise yet is that you’ve been going about it all wrong. What you need is access to the one element that has been missing that will help you get it right this time.

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

It’s Not Enough To Know WHAT To Do

Most people who come to see me already know ‘how’ to lose weight. After all it’s pretty simple isn’t it? Calories in vs. calories out and all that. So if it’s that simple, why are we as a nation getting fatter?

There’s no doubt about it – proper diet and exercise are essential if you want to get anywhere. But the problem you haven’t yet solved is the headspace problem ; you need to find the subconscious reasons why you’re NOT doing what you need to do to slim down, and work out a way to remove them.

Do You Know Why You Can't Control Your Weight?

our hypnotherapist explains the specific subconscious beliefs that hinder weight loss

It’s because you can’t get your head around your weight problem– literally. Right now there are dozens of hidden beliefs in your subconscious mind that point to the same theme: ‘I can’t do it’.

If you haven’t read my page ‘what is hypnosis?’ you should – it explains what beliefs are and how they can make or break your efforts to gain control of your eating.

In a nutshell, everything you say or think about yourself comes true. So if you think you can’t be slim, fit and healthy, you will continue to self-sabotage until, once again, you fail. These are the top 4 subconscious beliefs that stop people from being successful at weight loss:

  • I have no willpower;
  • I'm lazy;
  • I don’t have time;
  • This is the way I’ve always been

Do any of these statements ring true with you? If not, never fear: I’m an expert at finding your negative beliefs – just give me 15 minutes of your time.

A Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist Can Help You Change Your Beliefs

I could sit down with you and uncover your negative beliefs in 15 minutes. But what do you do once you know what those beliefs are? You can’t change them yourself because your conscious critical mind is always on alert – but I CAN.

When you go into hypnosis your conscious mind takes a walk while your subconscious listens intently to what I am saying. So, as long as it’s okay with you, I can change the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Customised for you!

  • Detailed diagnosis as to the actual CAUSE of your weight problem. If you find the cause you can fix it. If you just treat the symptoms, they’ll come back eventually;
  • As part of your program you will receive a professionally recorded hypnosis MP3 download specifically designed to help stop overeating, start exercising and reach your ideal body shape. Listening to this in between sessions will enhance and amplify the work we do in the chair together;

Rebecca Thought All Hope Was Lost

She came to me feeling desperate and alone. She had tried and failed to reach and maintain a healthy weight so many times she didn’t know if she was coming or going. I was the second last stop – the last was lap band surgery. But what Rebecca didn’t realise was that no surgical procedure can take away the urge to overeat – especially if that urge is emotionally driven.

No doubt about it – she had been through the wars. She’d just come out an emotionally abusive 23 year marriage and her confidence was at an all-time low. You could see it in her body-language – she was beaten down. Binge-eating was Rebecca's way of coping with the stuff that had gone wrong in her life.

So the order of the day for her was ego-strengthening, assertiveness and anxiety work. (I’ll explain in the next paragraph why these three elements are so important in your journey)

Once Rebecca shook off her demons and started to get a solid footing, she took baby steps. Those baby steps turned into big steps and then huge strides. By the end of her 4th session she had lost 4 kilos and was feeling fantastic. But most importantly, she felt confident that she could continue losing weight without my help. Now that’s what I like to see!

Your Weight Problem Is A Symptom Of Low Self-Esteem...

...NOT the cause. When I ask my clients: ‘what will achieving your goal weight give you that you don’t have now?’ They almost always say ‘confidence’.

But actually they have it the other way around. If you really felt happy within yourself, there would be no need to overeat. My client Sam can attest to that, and you can watch her testimonial video to the right.

So an essential part of my program revolves around building solid self-esteem. Ego, strengthening, assertiveness and anxiety work are like the building blocks to healthy weight loss. Think of it like priming a canvas; when you create an oil painting, you can’t just paint straight onto the raw canvas.

You have to coat it with primer first otherwise the oils will seep through the canvas and your work will be ruined. But when you feeling confident, when you’re able to handle anything that comes your way, losing weight is a piece of cake!

Get A Free Assessment

If you’re really serious about making a change and you live in the Melbourne area you can contact me and request a free weight loss hypnosis assessment. This will go for about 30 minutes during which time I’ll take a full case history and ask you lots of questions.

When that 30 minutes is up you’ll know EXACTLY where you're going wrong, why, and what you can do to fix it. I don't work with everybody who contacts me; I only work with people I really think I can help.

So this meeting is obligation free – for both of us. Enter your details below or contact me directly to book your FREE weight loss assessment.

Hi Sonia I hope you're happy and healthy. I am very happy and it's been a real challenge since I left my ex 2.5 years ago.

But since I did that I've gone from size 22 to a 10-12. I have met someone new and we have been living together for year; wedding bells are starting to ring!

I believe through the work we did together I let my pain go from my past relationship and am now free to give to another person.

- Lisa, Melbourne

I’ve now lost 12 kilos and am actually enjoying the process as well as the results.

I actually look forward to my workouts now and the self satisfaction of cooking something that is good for me.

Not to mention the timeout I’ve given myself has really helped me learn to relax.

- Sara, Melbourne

Hi Sonia,

Initially I was sceptical about driving all the way across town to participate in your program – but now I’m glad I did it.

You have helped me to clearly see my overeating patterns for what they are, and to recognise my emotions when they arise rather than trying to numb them with food.

Thanks you for your support and guidance.

- Katharine, Melbourne

Dear Sonia,

I have lost 10kgs since my first appointment with you!

The weight actually came off quite quickly & I have managed to keep it off.

Sometimes it fluctuated a little but I've been sitting around the same weight now since about June.

- Jan Farrell, Melbourne