WEight loss and skipping breakfast

Should We Be Eating Breakfast…or Not?

Okay…so, 20 years ago I didn’t eat breakfast. Just didn’t feel the need to eat before 12PM. Every man and his dog told me I was ‘mad’, and that I ‘must’ eat breakfast because, supposedly it’s the most important meal of the day…right?

So, I start eating breakfast; no skin off my nose, since I love to eat. Fast forward to today, and now all the ‘experts’ are saying don’t eat breakfast! Sheesh! I wish they’d make up their minds already.

So, nowadays intermittent fasting is all the rage. And they say you burn more fat if you skip breakfast. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally confused!!

Here’s an article that explains the pros and cons of skipping your morning meal : Read it here.